Marriage for Dogs

That the marriage is a business that knows no crisis: people get married and always for the big day everyone wants the best, willing to spend big bucks. In Milan, however these days is an agency born very special: it is a wedding planner company that organizes weddings exclusively for our four-legged friends. For the basic package will be spent 700 euro, but who wants the best of the best it could pay up to 1,000. And in these marriages do not miss anything: wedding rings with Swarovski, wedding cake served in golden bowls. A Milano has opened in Corso Magenta and there to swear that will be a real success.

“For all the dogs lovers who want to find a mate or a companion,” here’s what stands out on the window of the agency. The owner is keen to point out that this is not just a way to combine litters of purebred dogs: “That will be decided later the dogs themselves – said Giuseppe Costa, one of the Prince and Princes owners – We celebrate simply their union, hoping it will be forever. “a little ‘wedding planner, a bit’ marriage agency: you can just put the picture of your puppy on site to find the ‘soul mate. “If a puppy, showing interest to another two are made ​​to meet in our agency. And the wedding, “are celebrated if once again show to like, says the owner.

The basic package includes the preparation of the ceremony at the home of the bride, wedding favors and wedding cake from soybean and produced by pastry Cova. Apart from this there are also custom-made bridal gowns, tuxedos and EUR 130 120 l ‘ from full veil wedding dress. Inevitable faiths that will be collars Swarowski priced at 120 euro each, “pink for her, blue for him, ‘says Costa. Definitely not, the ethologist Danilo Mainardi. “It is right to breed the breed animals between them. But let them free to do so in a meadow, without ceremony: have more fun. ‘Pictures’