My Dog Doesn’t Want to Eat Dog Food

My dog doesn’t want to eat kibble – what to do?

Your dog is refusing to eat dog food? You put food on the plate and he turns the man? He beat the paw in the clique and tips all over the floor? Unfortunately this happens enough, but not always suggests a serious problem on the health of your dog.

It is very difficult to see your little ball of fur refusing your meal. Often the feed offered is the best dog food that you could buy for him and even then your dog refuses to eat dog food.

If you feed your dog with industrialized feed, that you can find in any pet shop, and he is refusing to eat, let’s address in this article some of the possible reasons that may contribute to the problem.

There are recurring questions between the owners of dogs that have animals who refuse to eat dog food, “I can give food remains to dogs?”, and the firm “no” is the answer. As we’ve talked about a lot here in the Blog of the Dog, veterinarians more conservative line supporting the thesis that the most suitable food for the dog is the industrialized feed, either in dry or folder, as it is formulated according to appropriate canine feed nutrients. Nowadays, this view is no longer a unanimity among the veterinary health professionals and we found strands of professionals who not only indicate, but are also homely food enthusiasts prepared specifically for them; as is the case of Dr. Sylvia Angelic Green Dog blog.

However, as the vast majority of people still uses industrial power to feed your dog, let’s see together then what you can do for your dog to eat dog food, or lack of appetite can indicate a health problem.

The dogs need to get used to since puppies with a healthy diet and suitable for the nutrition of a dog. So, food scraps are completely out of the proposal of an ideal diet. In our day to day food there are ingredients that can be very damaging to the body of a dog. When a dog won’t eat dry pure ration, you can mix the dry ration with a wet ration to generate habit of consuming food. Remember that no feed, wet or dry, can be stored and reused if already entered into contact with the dog’s saliva. If your pet eat one part of the feed and drop the rest, we recommend that you discard the leftovers.

Reasons that lead the dog refuses food

Note that, as already mentioned several times here on the Blog of the Dog, dogs are characterized as primarily carnivorous animals and offer a base diet of carbohydrates and excess vegetables is a common mistake because it imposes to the animal’s digestive system a greater effort.

Another point considered important is the fractionation of the daily quantity of food in smaller portions, as well as we do in our diets. Some owners consider ideal offer two meals a day, while others prefer to offer food three times throughout the day, preferably at regular times. If the amount of daily ration in the weight and activity level of your dog is exaggerated, this can in itself be the cause of the problem. Also note, that the dogs that receive many snacks between meals can also lose interest in daily ration. avoid the overfeeding and not overdo it on snacks between meals.

Another point that we can highlight is that in very hot days dogs can suffer a loss of appetite in heat function. It is natural that on cooler days they are more active and your appetite increases.

Fruits like banana, pear and Apple can be added in the diet, but should not be applied to replacement of the feed. It is important to feed the dog always in the same time as the animals enjoy the routine.

  • Health problem
    First of all, make sure that the dog is entirely healthy, and if you’re not with any health problem. For this, the ideal is to make a trip to the vet.
  • Bad habits
    Give human food is a big mistake, since in addition to harming the dog’s digestion, can cause health problems. Another problem is that this practice could encourage the animal to not want to feed, because you’ve eaten food tastier. The dog understands that if you don’t consume your own feed will receive another type of food more appetizing. If he refuses the dry ration and realizing that the owner does not wait and offers immediately wet food or human food, it is natural to continue rejecting ration.

How to do the dog eat dog food?

There are several types of diet considered appropriate canine nutrition. To summarize what has already been placed higher up, try follow some basic tips so that your dog can feed on regular and proper way.

  1. Offer good quality ration
  2. Look for your dog food on regular schedules
  3. Avoid snacks out of time
  4. Don’t offer food if it is very choppy
  5. Don’t offer snacks and goodies if he refuses to eat dog food

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Step by step to reintroduce the dietary ration

  1. Eliminate the treats and human food from your pet’s diet.
  2. Offer a quality dry dog food and don’t forget to do the replacement of the feed gradually, to avoid damaging the digestive system of your hair.
  3. You can try to offer diversified tastes of wet ration cans, stay tuned to buy higher quality brands always. The digestibility of canned food is very good, both flavors containing bovine meat and poultry, as the flavors made with fish. All of them have a mild spice and a soft texture providing a good palatability.
  4. You can find a wide variety of canned rations that have been developed to cater for dogs with special needs, there are cans developed especially for dogs with stomach problems and anorexia.
  5. When your furry accept wet ration-based power, be it in Pate or meat to the sauce, try to introduce gradually in bowl of your dog, a few grains of feed. A good way to whet interest in wet ration is diversifying the flavor of Pate or meat to the sauce, this diversification will not harm the digestive system of your pet, as long as you keep the brand of food.
  6. Stay with your pet while it is eating; If he does, as we talked about above, dispense the food that has come in contact with the saliva, but if you do not show interest, remove the bowl and offer again a little later.
  7. Try opening the dog’s appetite offering grains of feed as if they were often snacks that causes your dog understand the flavor of feed and finish eating dry food.
  8. If you have more than one dog at home that coexist peacefully at meal, and it is with normal appetite, try to offer food at the same time for both. In General, when a dog sees another eating he just imitating your little friend. This tends to work better between animals of opposite sex. But just try it if they actually mingle very harmonious, otherwise may result in fight!
  9. In time to feed your furry, talk to the dog like little kids, make mealtime a fun moment, can encourage your dog to eat. Try to create a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere, praising and being affectionate when he eats a little bit

My dog doesn’t want to eat kibble – final thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that this is a progressive process so that your hairy return to consume the feed, and it is crucial that you be persistent.

Always keep a quiet power and do not be discouraged! As you can see in the article “the dog feels the same things you”, if your energy is positive, you can make your furry develop behavior problems and therefore are not interested in the feed.

Dogs can be up to 5 days without consuming rations, and still don’t get sick but it is essential that they are drinking water. Always keep a jar with fresh water and stay tuned if he’s drinking. At the first sign of lack of appetite, is always indicated that you contact your vet after all any health problem that is diagnosed early, chances of being reversed with ease if it is diagnosed early.