My Dog Scratches… What Can I Do?

The itching in dogs may be normal if it is casual. When we observe that for play or walk several times to scratch, or becomes a wound on the skin, it is when we have to act.

My Dog Scratches... What Can I Do

To avoid that our dog stops scratching we have to know why scratches and applying treatment to avoid the cause. Does not serve to prevent itching, only serves to prevent the cause of the itch.

Causes of itchy dog

We can include the causes of itching which obliges our dog scratching into three groups:

  1. Parasitic:
    There are different parasites that can make our dog scratch. Insects as fleas, lice, flies and mosquitoes, Arachnids as mites or the canine Ehrilquiosiois caused by ticks… An exploration in depth of our mascot will help us detect them. There are other microscopic parasites that need the help of the vet to detect them: Scabies sarcoptic mange or Demodicosis. A simple scraping called test can help diagnose it.
  2. Infectious:
    Bacteria or fungi can also cause itching. The appearance of the skin and the presence of these infectious agents in a cytology will also help us. You have times a crop is necessary in order to determine what this agent to be able to apply the most appropriate treatment.
  3. Immune:
    This would be the cause that most owners and veterinarians are concerned. Diagnosing an allergy or immune disease is more complicated and expensive. Often only detected a skin infection that though we tried it our dog scratches because continuous having itching. This is because the inflammation and itching of the skin with allergy can cause a skin infection secondarily.

To know if our dog or cat is allergic and what must do some blood tests or other on the skin.
What do we do if our dog scratch because you are allergic?

If it’s a food allergy, seek the most appropriate I think. We must try to avoid the allergens that cause you itching our dog which means not being in touch with what causes allergy. When an environmental allergy, we can avoid the allergen contact with the skin with therapeutic baths and test immunize our mascot with a vaccine prepared for his allergy.

Treat the itching sometimes is complex and frustrating, but we must not lower our guard. A simple itching may end in skin infection severe if we do not stop in time. A proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment can avoid the problem.