Name Tag for Dog Collar

The collar and the tag are part of the essential accessories for your dog. The necklace allows you to catch your dog in an emergency or simply go for a walk.

Even if your dog is smart or tattooed, he must wear a collar with a tag indicating your details. It’s extra security if he runs away. Today, the choice of the necklace is very broad.

The Leather Collar

The leather collar was absolutely unavoidable a few years ago, but, as the leather leash, it tends to disappear from stores, because this material sucks moisture such as the drought and the collar must be maintained regularly to keep flexibility and strength. Choose a leather of Buffalo quality and particularly resistant. For puppies, the size must be checked every week.

The Choke

The choke is sometimes used for the education of a massive dog. It must be perfectly used to not to hurt the dog and make it even more recalcitrant. In any case, this necklace can be left permanently on your dog’s neck; It must serve only punctually, for education sessions.

Nylon Collar

Collar nylon is very resistant and washable. There are a wide variety of colors and patterns. The closing mode must be examined with care, because some plastic clips are little resistant. Better choose a perfectly sewn real metal buckle. The collar must be sufficiently broad to do not risk cutting your dog.Padding on the inside may be welcome, especially for short-haired dogs.

The Stainless Steel Necklace

The necklace in stainless steel is rather reserved for the big dogs because it is a heavy model to wear. It is resistant, not rust and can be easily cleaned.However, it is an accessory that can be noisy when your dog goes down on a hard floor.

And the harness?

The harness is not very practical to put on and should be reserved for dogs who know perfectly how to walk on a leash. If however you choose a harness, it must be adjusted and of very good quality, not to hurt your dog. The harness is interesting for dogs of small size e, whose trachea is sensitive: it avoids that the necklace based on the trachea when the dog pulls.

What tag for my dog?

The Medal of identity is a complement to the electronic chip or tattoo. It must remain attached permanently to the neck of your dog, attached to his collar. It can be an engraved plate or a simple medal. Most often one or two phone numbers are sufficient. If your dog is lost or escapes, only this information will be useful to the person who finds.

When should I put a collar on my puppy?
In his first week at home, you can put a collar on your puppy. Attention to choose a light model and check its fit very often. The port of the collar for a puppy as for an adult, is not essential at home permanently.
Dr. Elisabeth Tané, veterinary.