Natural Food For Dogs

The Dogs Can Also Be Benefited By A Natural Food. Check Out The Details.

Firstly, it is necessary to inform you that the natural food for dogs is indicated only for healthy animals. The pets who have dietary restrictions, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders suffer or have nutrient deficiencies need to be evaluated before any change in routine.

Anyway, the dog owners who want to provide a more adequate nutrition must introduce the new natural food gradually, interspersed with the feed to which the pet is already used. Any change in conduct (drowsiness, vomit, stool, etc.) demand veterinary attention.

Although it seems new, canine natural feeding is already grown and researched for more than 60 years, with the creation of the Fromm Family Foods, in 1949, Wisconsin (USA). Currently, meals are available in Brazil for about ten years, in two lines: Classic and Gold. According to the preferences of the dogs, the owners might choose to wet or dry rations.

The Flavors

The natural food for dogs is not a vegetarian diet, contrary to what the name may suggest. Animal protein is present in the dog bowls. The main sources are whitefish, salmon, chicken and duck. The rations are enriched with whole grains of barley, oats and rice. Wheat, corn and soybeans are off the diet, in addition to the beef and pork meat.

Carbohydrates are also exempted from natural food for dogs, since these nutrients are only indicated for pregnant dogs or nursing mothers, according to medical guidelines (generally, supplements are offered).Healthy dogs do not absorb carbs, who enter and leave the same way, just increase the volume and the stench of feces.

It is important to note, however, that the natural food, even can be made at home, you need to respect the nutritional needs and the “prohibited” items for the dog bowl. Humans abuse the sodium (salt), present even in soft drinks. On the plate of the dogs, especially small businesses, this can mean kidney and urinary problems in the medium term.

Other condiments are also toxic to pets. The garlic and onion, which can cause disease in the stomach and intestines. Some sites offer videos with indications for the preparation, with ingredients that are approaching the diet of dogs and cats in the wild. There is no single methodology, but some are proven beneficial.

The Barf

It is a method developed by Australian vets in the late 1980. Is a raw diet with the addition of bones. The acronym is an abbreviation for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (biologically appropriate raw food).

The raw natural power offers several benefits for pets: reduction of problems on the skin and coat, teeth whitening and Tartar-fighting, chronic ear infections, reduction of gases from digestion and the amount of feces, the smell of “dog wet “and strengthening the immune system.

To the BARF diet, you need to do a quick calculation. The dog needs to be weighed: 3% of this total is the amount of food for meals. On the plate, 60% of space should be reserved for meat and dairy products (eggs and chicken and chicken kids are ideal and can be toggled with viscera of fish). The remainder consists of the introduction of vegetables, which can vary on a daily basis.

Is a myth dogs don’t eat vegetables to imagine. In nature, the closest relatives of dogs–the wolves-seeking birds, eggs, roots, leaves and fruits. Dogs are not exclusively carnivorous animals (unlike cats, for example).

Accustomed since young, they shall indicate their preferences. It is not necessary to shop unique to the pets. A 30-pound dog requires 900 grams of natural power: 540 and 360 of vegetables, which can be pieces of vegetables prepared for lunch (for them, no salt).

All the ingredients, except the meat with bones (such as chicken gizzards) can be processed. In nature, the diet of dogs (and other families of mammals) is low in vegetables, but they absorb indirectly, to devour the hunt.


Some breeders prefer to remove the bones of the raw diet, since some animals may present problems of digestion. In this case, just swap necks and wings of birds for meat, viscera, skins, etc. All ingredients of this preparation can go together to the processor or Blender (until a Pope consistent, similar to industrial wet ration).

Some dogs accept best natural food cooked, which is also suitable for warmer climates. The “work” to prepare is minimal: just leave the Pope more liquid and take it to the fire until it thickens. The preparation takes only a few minutes.

Freezing is not recommended, but it is not lost part of nutrients (the fresh ingredients can be stored in the freezer).

The adoption of natural food for dogs, despite bringing many advantages, should be informed to the vet, which may eventually prescribe certain supplements.