New Puppy Toys

Whoever has a dog knows that in many ways he is like a child. It needs care, caring, supervision and attention to develop, learn and reach all its potential for intelligence and good living with humans.

An important part of our furry lives are the jokes and positive experiences in interacting with their owners and the environment in which they live. And toys are important in this relationship.

When buying toys for your friend, always think of the safety and the pleasure he will have playing. There are several types of toys: those that will keep your dog active and healthy, those that comfort, those that stimulate reasoning, those who teach some trick or those who train dogs to be obedient.

Also check out the personality of your dog:some like to stay in a corner, chewing on something, others, more active, like to fetch or catch balls or frisbees. There are those who like to shake their toys and throw them up, or those who prefer to invite you or another dog in the house to participate in a tug-of-war.

In the children’s week, how about gifting your furry too? BitCão offers several options of toys, one for each type of dog. And enjoy to know the news that just arrived in the inventory of BitCão!

If you prefer, look for the toys for your furry in the special categories,
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