Optimize Spaces: Integrate the Living Room and Dining Room.

There are several ways to get the most out of small areas, and the integration of two environments is one of them, as we did in our cover design. In this case, a perfect match is the junction of the dining room, which results in a space, as well as optimized, more functional.


Some care must be taken at the time of the decoration of an integrated environment, so that the room does not become overloaded. And the hint of Ricardo Lopez, Office Interior, It is simple: If you use a colorful furniture, opt for decorative items with neutral colors, like black, white, silver or gold. If your furniture has neutral colors, you can vary with vivid colors and vibrant on the objects.

Optimize even more

The mirror is always a decorating professionals recommendation to improve the sensation of amplitude of a space. And Ricardo, this design was also used for, in addition to enlarge visually the environment, improve the brightness of the room.


Light environment

The architects Carla Teles Vaz and Marília Serra, Serra Vaz architecture, took the 30 m ² space available and developed the integrated living and dining area to bring a sensation of amplitude. In addition to the junction of two environments, other methods were used, such as the seats. “We use two chairs with backrest low, to enable the vision of the room as a whole, from every angle”.

Economic lighting

All the lighting used in space is LED. According to the professionals, this type of lighting is eco-friendly and provides several benefits, including low voltage, no heating and the water savings: while a 100w light bulb on for 1:00 spends 800 litres of water to produce your electricity, LED lamp, connected over the same period, has an expense of only 50 litres.