The Missing Link Pet Supplies (USD 10.61 – USD 52.99)

The Missing Link Logo:    Brand facts:  – Nutritional supplement made from whole food ingredients that promotes optimal health for dogs, cats, horses, birds and more! – Missing Link products promote proper nutrition and good health for your pets including dogs, cats, birds, and equine. The pet nutrition products offered provide supplements often not found in mass produced […]

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The Fifth Paw Dog Products

The Fifth Paw Logo:  Brand facts:  – The Fifth Paw was conceived and developed with pet parents like you in mind. – Designed to make doing the right thing easy and stress-free. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free. You need to use an ear cleaning solution that you can buy at a pet store or any […]

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Diamond Naturals Pet Supplies (USD16.59 – USD 53.29)

Diamond Naturals  Logo:    Brand facts:  – Diamond Naturals feel proud to offer Diamond Naturals for their customers who value natural diets for their pets—a diet made possible, all–natural ingredients found inside each Diamond Naturals formula. – At Diamond, they believe every pet, from purebred show animal to shelter puppy or kitten, is worthy of the best […]

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Canine Caviar Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 2.99 – USD 59.99)
Canine Caviar Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 2.99 - USD 59.99)

Canine Caviar Brand facts:  – Canine Caviar is the first true holistic pet food and the Only grain-free and alkaline based pet food diet in America that is specifically designed to help reduce the risk of cancer and other health related conditions. – Canine Caviar Pet Foods are based from formulas developed by Jeff Baker, Research Scientist […]

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Blackwood Dog and Cat Supplies (USD6.49 – USD 77.99)
Blackwood Dog and Cat Supplies (USD6.49 - USD 77.99)

Blackwood Brand facts:  – Blackwood is slow cooked using time honored, family recipes. Blackwood Pet Food is made with pride in the U.S.A. by a 3rd generation, family owned manufacturing company — Ohio Pet Foods, Inc. – We like to think of ourselves as small box. We work exclusively with independent pet stores and online distributors.

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Weruva Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 29.86 – USD 49.22)
Weruva Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 29.86 - USD 49.22)

Weruva  Brand facts:  – Weruva gathered the best ingredients from around the world, formulated some fantastic recipes and created it ourselves. – Weruva believe in the “what you see, is what you get” more mystery mush! Every ingredient is easily identifiable.

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Lupine Pet Pet Supplies (USD 3 – USD 24)

Lupine Pet  Logo:    Brand facts:  – Lupine Pet’s mission is to create a quality, durable product backed by our famous Even if Chewed Guarantee! – If a Lupine product ever becomes damaged, even if the dog chews it up, it can be mailed to Lupine for an immediate free replacement.

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SportDOG Brand Pet Supplies (USD 3.99 – USD 499.95)

SportDOG Brand Logo:    Brand facts:  – In an industry seemingly overcrowded with electronic dog training products, SportDOG Brand may have appeared to hold misguided ambitions when it enterred the market in 2003. – We have made good on that promise by literally designing our products in the field.

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Pro Plan Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 0.99 – USD 41.99)
Pro Plan Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 0.99 - USD 41.99)

Pro Plan Brand facts:  – Pro Plan people believe that every dog and cat can be great. Pet owners should help them realize that potential. – Pro plan hope to make a difference by Supporting a community of people who are dedicated to giving back to animals. Main Categories:  Dog food, cat food Founding:  Time and place: 1894, U.S. Early products: dog products Founder: William H. Danforth Headquarter Location:  St. Louis, MO Price Range:  USD 0.99 – USD 41.99 […]

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Thundershirt Dog Supplies and Frequently Asked Questions

Thundershirt Logo:    Brand facts:  – Thundershirt aims to help relieve the suffering of the millions of dogs and cats dealing with anxiety and fear issues. – Thundershirt hope to strengthen the bonds between pets and their families, reduce the number of pets abandoned, and help shelters and rescue groups place dogs and cats in need […]

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Vérus Pet Supplies (USD 35.19 – USD 65.91)
Vérus Pet Supplies (USD 35.19 - USD 65.91)

Vérus Pet Foods Brand facts:  – Vérus offers a unique blend of great tasting fresh ingredients, nutrient packed chickpeas and lentils, revoluntionary probiotic, and topped off with our exclusive 100% guaranteed Non-Chinese sourced vitamin-mineral mix. – Company Mission: First, to provide the highest quality nutrition for our companion animals using the best quality ingredients. Second, to provide profit […]

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Kurgo Dog Supplies United States (USD 25 – USD 100)
Kurgo Dog Supplies United States (USD 25 - USD 100)

Kurgo Brand facts:  – Kurgo is committed to creating high-quality, innovative products that last at reasonable prices. When designing products, they aim to create innovations that are easy to use, built to last and safe. – Kurgo is devoted to helping people get out & safely enjoy the world with their dogs.

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Coastal Pet Supplies (USD 3.99 – USD 24.89)

Coastal   Logo:    Brand facts:  – The quality leader in the pet industry, Coastal Pet Products of Alliance, Ohio has been manufacturing quality guaranteed products and providing exceptional customer service since 1968. – Coastal is committed to leading the industry with innovative, quality products that support healthy, happy, safe interactions between pets and their owners.

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Tomlyn Pet Supplies (USD 3.99 – USD 18.99)

Tomlyn  Logo:  Brand facts:  – Tomlyn helps pet owners become pet heroes by providing them with veterinary-quality wellness products at home. – Available in neighborhood pet specialty stores, online catalogs and large retail pet chains, Tomlyn is the brand that more conscientious pet guardians depend on to keep their pets as happy and healthy as possible, […]

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Innva Pet Supplies (USD 18.19 – USD 71.20)

Innva Brand facts:  – Dogs and cats are healthiest when they eat whole, natural foods. Innova tries to provide high-quality and natural food to lovely pets. – Innova has a large investment in quality. They make sure that they use more meat, higher quality sources of fats and oils, and high levels of vitamins and other […]

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The Honest Kitchen Dog Supplies (USD12.73 – USD 54.99)
The Honest Kitchen Dog Supplies (USD12.73 - USD 54.99)

The Honest Kitchen Brand facts:  – The Honest Kitchen believe cats and dogs deserve the highest quality healthy pet food. We provide all natural human grade dog food and cat food products, using dehydrated whole foods -The Honest Kitchen pet foods are produced in the USA from non-GMO produce, hormone-free meats and some organic, fair trade ingredients – […]

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VIP Products Phoenix Arizona (USD 5.66 – USD 28.35)
VIP Products Phoenix Arizona (USD 5.66 - USD 28.35)

VIP Products Brand facts:  – VIP Products is the designer and manufacturer of: Tuffy’s, Mighty, Rugged Rubber, Silly Squeakers, and Bunny and Bentley Plush Dog Beds. – VIP pride themselves in making some of the highest quality dog toys in the world.

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Royal Canin Pet Supplies (USD 12.76 – USD 70.89)

Royal Canin Brand facts:  – Royal Canin develops every veterinary-exclusive therapeutic and wellness diet with this approach: Nutrition for better health. – Nutrition can help the pet stay healthy longer. Every ROYAL CANIN veterinary diet gives priority to the pet, focusing on nutrients that help promote wellness.

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Pet Dreams Pet Supplies (USD 23.19 – USD 82.99)

Pet Dreams Brand facts:  – Pet Dreams was the first company to design bedding for dog crates and we continue to focus on developing innovative dog beds that coordinate with every room in your home while providing affordability, comfort, and quality that is second to none.

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