Pets Next Door, Localize and Account Histories for Your Pet

If something podmeos say is that not everything is invented in the world of social networks and applications and that there are still things that can surprise us in terms of concept. For this reason should not be rare to find an application that would do as a social network for our pets. Yes, you have read correctly, a social network for our pets.

That the app is all about Pets Next Door, that allows us to share the stories of the day to day of those animals who accompany us every day with loyalty and affection. To show our love for them this social network is pretty good, because that allows us to tell a story about them and geolocalizarlos on a map to see more animal stories for our area.

Interface isn’t the most pleasant aesthetically we could wish, but it fulfills its mission of being usable. We can upload stories of our pets, and can also attach an image of her, choose if you are a dog, a cat, or others, and if it is one of the first we can also select their race. You can add the name, age and hobbies to then tell something about them.

Once all done, It is the turn of geolocalizarlos on a map, what allows us to also find more pets in our surroundings and discover new owners of pets and follow them to be aware of its innovations. An app that will surely diviert those people who share house with these endearing animals that give us company and fidelity in Exchange for attention.

Pets Next Door

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Animal Compass Org.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Social networks

A paradise for lovers of pets. Share stories and photos of your pets with the whole world.