Play Frisbee with Your Dog

The Frisbee is a canine sports activity which consists in making report forms to his dog a small round object usually shaped like a flying saucer mini PVC. This playful discipline that can be practiced by all dogs requires very little material: only a Frisbee, which is defined according to its form, its weight and its material.

Four main tests are known, organized and practised regularly in competition in the United States; they are sometimes mixed with each other and rehabilitated as part of tournaments around of”Frisbee”.

  1. The “simple round-trip.
    On a grassy field of sport type, a rectangular area is marked on its width (which is 20 m) as well as by markers every 10 m along its length that is 50 m. the competitor launches his Frisbee without going beyond the starting line that only the dog will take to bring this famous “Holy Grail” as quickly as possible to his master.

Three criteria will generally allow the jury noted the provision in order to establish a ranking between competitors:

-The length of the jet (ex: 1 point for a Frisbee falling between 10 and 20 m; 4 points for a Frisbee falling between 40 and 50 m).
-The way in which the dog is seized of the Frisbee: taken on the ground or taken in the air.
-The number of roundtrips executed by the dog in time given (usually 60 s).
The distances are denigrated for small dogs, as well as for young “drivers”.

  1. The ‘circle ‘.
    Same concept as the previous one, with the difference that the ground is outlined in circle areas to points being circular strips of different widths concentrated around a central point where the competitor.
  2. The “freestyle”.
    The competitor presents at a time (between 90 and 180 s generally) figures in the duo with her dog, on the basis of throws and one or several Frisbee reports.The jury assessed according to pre-established criteria of technicality (including some imposed specific figures) also taking into account of the demonstrated difficulty, the consistency of the proposed program of creativity, as well as of the number and quality back and forth valid.

Freestyle, as the name suggests, can be enriched music, accessories and tailored suits. Now you can buy a cage for dog from Franciscogardening. Dogs can practice jumps or technical exercises based directly on the body of their master: leg, shoulder, back, etc., what is particularly dramatic for the public.

  1. The ‘long distance’
    Very popular in Florida, he comes here to rank competitors only depending on the length of the most distant of the 3 allowed jets for each, with variations by teams, and rankings by genre (man, woman, man over 40 years, women over 40, young age of 14, etc.).Indicatively, the farthest jet currently validated by a man is 97.90 m, validated by a woman being 56,16 m!

Of course, should be for everyone to know, and then fix the physical limits of his own dog to respect them regardless of their athletic goals. The dog being obsessed with the object to catch and having more no notion of the environment where it will land, the receptions of jumps can be very dangerous.