Postpartum Care of Dog

The Postpartum Is A Phase That Requires Essential Care To Ensure The Health Of Mothers And Babies. See The Tips!

To your dog just had puppies? Congratulations! But did you know that the postpartum phase demand care and responsibility? The new family will need a lot of love, care and many daily care. How about you learn and know a bit more about them? Then check out the tips in this article.

Take care of the new family requires time, dedication, love and financial resources to maintain the health and well being of the puppy and the puppies. That is, the whole family need to have responsibility to take good care of the dogs who have just come into the world, as well as take care of the dog, once the postpartum requires specific care.

The health of new puppies, for example, begins with the care of the dog. She needs to be in good health to take care of the puppies and ensure their lives, especially in the first days of life. For example, the dog needs to feed the chicks until they proceed to weaning. In general, this period occurs from the sixth week of life.

Another fundamental care is with the worming which can be made at the time of mating, so the dog’s pregnancy occurs more healthy. After confirmation of pregnancy examination of the dog, that is, approximately 30 days, you can provide a more special for her. In other words, a specific food for pregnant dogs. In the final phase, for example, a lot of dogs eat rations intended for puppies, because count with high levels of calcium and protein.

During the period of pregnancy, also, is not indicated the worming. If your best friend has quite the, it is ideal that she be clipped before delivery, because in addition to avoid problems with breastfeeding, prevents accidents. An example? The puppies for sufocarem of newborn puppies.

Not only after childbirth, but during the whole period of pregnancy, the dog must have veterinary monitoring. It is recommended that professional visit the puppy and the puppies to check health, if there is no change and guide on the care with the new family.

In the first hours of life, for example, the Cubs already have the ability to ingest and they can absorb the colostrum, which is a milk that has a high level of antibodies and are passed to the Cubs-. The new puppies should be breastfed in the first hours of life.

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