Precious Palaces and The Pet Project, All for Your Pets

Our pets They also need their own space, toilet, sleeping, eating,… in short, they need a few meters from our home, but that does not mean that their articles have to disengage with our decor or make it something that we have to neglect, in fact there are plenty of companies with collections for pets who have intent that their additions are part of the decoration of our home , can benefit us all, them and us. Today I bring you two of those marks, the first inspired in different times and places, and the second, contemporary design.

For those who want your pet to live like a Queen, either in an original oriental style Palace or on a bed of French air, and don’t know how to do that or where to find these products, is Precious Palaces, that puts at your disposal a collection of pet beds inspired by different times all of them with a very distinguished air, with original and magnificent materials in design.

Among them are the design above and these two, but you have many more to choose from:

And for those who prefer something more contemporary design, in decoesfera I spoke long of The Pet project, a young company that makes decorative accessories for our animals in quality materials and which are perfectly integrated in our decoration, if we have a modern style house.

All articles, as you can see in the image below are characterized by modern materials such as teak, or stainless steel, and geometric lines: