Reading Room: Cozy Environment for Your Time!

Long ago, when the houses were big and with several rooms, it was common that one of them was a reading room. And today, with attention increasingly focused on leisure and comfort in the House, this custom is coming back. Who has a space available, you can join the fashion. And we’re not talking about a corner tapped in a corner of the living room, and a unique environment, far away from the rest of the House drive, no noise and very quiet. A place to gather the favorite books and those who still will find out and get involved.



What you can’t miss in the reading room?

A place like this, so special, you need to own furniture to accommodate the collection of titles. They can be by hand, on shelves, cabinets or shelves. To enjoy them, however, there is nothing better than a chaise or a comfortable chair with an Ottoman to set foot. Beside, falls well have a support table, with a drink and some appetizers that can further enhance the pleasure of reading.

Light is essential

An item that requires maximum attention in a room like this is the lighting, you need to focus on reading without obfuscating the eyes. Architect and lighting designer Juliana Mara, Juiz de Fora (MG), goes further: “the project, in General, need to provide relaxation and rest. So no use intense focus lamps. ” For a cosy décor, the architect suggests warm colors, such as those used in this project to the Leader, with carpet and walls in shades of Brown and Hazel and oak furniture in color with chocolate lacquer. The ideal is to install general lighting and diffuse and add some outbreaks in the corners of reading on the seats.