Reviews of In-ear Headphones for Baby

Looking for is a luxury in-ear headphones with genuine hi-fi qualities? You get a very neutral and detailed reproduction of all kinds of music, and with an ergonomic design and 4 different earbuds, you can get a perfect noise cancelling result to your ear canal for your babies.

Reviews of In-ear Headphones for Baby

Highlights of the Denon luxury for your ear canal and your babies

Tuned for very neutral and detailed music playback
Ergonomic design for high wearing comfort
Hybrid-House with beautiful finishes (aluminium/plastic)
Silicone earbuds in three sizes-as well as in the Comply foam included
Control/MIC for iPod/iPhone cable

It is a luxury in-ear headphone that are tuned to a colourless and natural music reproduction with lots of detail – in other words a pure Hi-Fi product for discerning enthusiasts. The drivers are on the whole of 11.5 mm, and hybrid-House combines aluminium and plastic for even better sound.

This gives you both the music experience and ease of use. With an ergonomic design and earbuds in three sizes, you have every opportunity to achieve the optimum adaptation to your ear canal and thus the optimum sound quality. If you belong to those who just never have been able to get an in-ear model to sit properly, you can enjoy an additional set of Comply-earbuds on bridgat. These shapes itself according to your particular ear canal and gives a superior adaptation without fatigue in the ear canal, even at an hour long use.

Whether you are relaxing at home in front of the plant or on the go, so is your faithful companion which fills your ear canals with quality sound. With the handy iPod remote control on the cable, you can control your music without having to down and rode into the pockets. Via the built-in microphone of the remote control this headphone may also act as headset for iPhone, so you can receive calls and conduct interviews with a single push of a button.

If you want maximum insulation against noise, for example. on the journey, we recommend the Comply Foam Tips Ear Plugs.
Technical specifications

Frequency response: 5-24 000 Hz
Impedance: 32 ohm
Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW
Connection: 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini jack
Cable length: 1.3 meters
Supplied adaptor: dapterkabel for Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones
Type: Closed, dynamic in-ear headphone
Color: Black
Weight: 7.3 grams Excl. cable

Ergonomic design
Hybrid housing (aluminium/plastic)
11.5 mm drivers
Tuned to a flat (neutral) frequency curve
Remote control/MIC for iPod/iPhone cable
Maximum load: 250 mW
Supplied accessories: carrying case and silicone-earbuds in three sizes (S/M/L) as well as Comply-earbuds in soft foam