Rooms with Lighting Projects Planned

This project brought lighting functionality. With the cortineiro lit, is sophisticated and pleasant for the day to day, since the indirect light is comfortable and not assaults the eyes. Pendants with inverted domes, the sides of the bed, combine with the central panel and give a final touch of charm to the space.

Project 2: Angela Borsoi and Sonia Lacombe, Brasília-DF

Mix of Office with guest room, this space has as featured the Workbench, with a beautiful and practical desk lamp. Very clean and functional, the area comes in perfect contrast to the rest of the space, which used some vibrant colors such as yellow, which sticks out to gray.

Featured colors

The use of colors in the decoration, highlighted the correct lighting, is a nice feature and that does not require major outlays. “It is always a good option and let the environment more relaxed or casual. However, the colors should be applied with balance, to create spaces more cozy and charming, “says Angela Borsoi.

Project 3: Marcello Sesso and Deborah Dalanezi, São Paulo-SP


Outstanding fixtures to follow contemporary line offer great combinations, when placed in the center of the environment. Ever punctual, lighting with LED light bulbs, enhances the décor, indicating the places that deserve more attention.

LED lamps provide clarity and are more discreet decoration, while the dichroic lamps are of the family of the incandescent, but have greater durability and better color rendition.

Project 4: Marcello Sesso and Deborah Dalanezi, São Paulo-SP


To the room of a teenager tuned and always on the move, the bright colors and cheerful was valued by specific elements of lighting, as the friendly blue lamp placed on the countertop. “Just an outlet for surrender to the use of the lamp, a device so simple and so important!”, emphasizes Deborah Dalanezi.

Various functions

The use of lamps and table lamps offers great utility. Assist in the readings, create intimate climates and can be used as auxiliary lights, complementing the technical lighting project.