Shabby Chic, Vintage and Industrial Are Dialma Brown Furniture Styles

Today I am going to talk about a firm that is sure many of you do not know. Dialma Brown is a young company founded in 2007 but which boasts a wide variety of styles that can be mixed together to make any room look unique, original and very personal. Its collections include furniture, accessories and decorative elements in Shabby Chic, Vintage and Industrial-style, just what we like the many of us.

The Shabby Chic style it becomes more and more popular around the world and is a style that is not always easy to find because many firms of furniture do not work it. It provides that timeless retro look with a touch rustic, but above all romantic and charming.

On the other hand they are industrial style furniture that you have always been very popular in loft-style apartments and in industrial buildings converted into housing in general. Now no need to have a loft to fill industrial-style space, it can be achieved in any type of home, even in a small apartment and Dialma Brown furniture can help.

The case is that Dialma Brown has added some new parts to your collection are that I leave in the following Gallery, but of course you can take a look at your website and see everything it has to offer.

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