Six Blogs of Dogs That You Should Follow

Blogs essential dogs in Spanish that all Devourer of canine information should read.

Six Blogs of Dogs That You Should Follow

There are websites that any person who love dogs should follow without fail. In the last five years in CONSUMER EROSKI have shared tips on canes, told why it is so important to adopt and to educate them, and seeded all the hairy updates to learn to understand them – and love them – every day more and better. But, the “Devourer” of barking information have other six blogs in Spanish that you should not miss. In search of a second chance, Emperrados, SrPerro, if my dog spoke, educating my dog and Gublog are sites that no can – or should – stop visit them. Below is what’s in them and why they love so much.

In search of a second chance

Melisa Tuya is journalist and writer behind the blog In search of a second chance, born in 2004 and which today is published under the umbrella of diario 20 minutes, and one of the first information professionals in Spain to clear voice to the defense of animals. “Once told me if he filled my account Twitter of dogs and cats not I would be taken seriously as a writer and journalist. I live with two dogs and two cats adopted. The real protagonists of this blog are animals who seek and deserve a second chance,”says yours as a letter of introduction to your space.

In search of a second chance not only is essential for those who advocate the adoption and it is recommended for animal lovers, but it most likely is one of the best sites in Spanish which follow the most up-to-date information about laws and animal rights. In all chapters of the Feuilleton”animal rights” are, in addition, ‘Mastiff’, the latest (still unfinished) novel by the writer of ‘Galatea’ (Lapsus Calami, 2014),


Not without my dog. This is the starting point of the blog of the SrPerroportal, the urban Guide to dogs in Spain, a must for anyone who intends to be in the vein of the canine information. This fun site run by journalist Micaela de la Maza, and also committed to the adoption of dogs, mingle as tender as friendly dogs videos, the best places to eat in the company of the ACN, stories of love between dogs and humans of those that touch the heart, photographs, furry art and the best news of this scene updated several times a day.

SrPerro blog is a site essential for urbanites dogs and their humans: in it are the best places in Spain where to eat tapas or buy with educated dogs, the best urban proposals to share with friends of fours, all of them recommended by dog colleague, the hairy soul of this website.


Emperrados is a space directed by Ana Alfageme journalist in the newspaper the country, who confesses that “his newest adventure and exciting is sharing roof with his dog Matilda and surviving to tell the tale”. It’s a blog of those who devour top down, written with taste and without haste.

In Emperrados there are reports very canines and committed to the adoption and the defense of the four-legged friends. Funny stories told in first person and very useful tips for humans with dog; all packaged in a very careful design.

If my dog speak

“The problems with dogs are always communication,” says Alba Benítez, educator and creator of If my dog speaks, a name that leaves no doubt about what will be inside. In this site you can learn dog language and understand why dogs do those things that fascinate and all messed up (such as lick the Pee of other dogs).

It is also possible to find tips to improve coexistence with the four-legged friend. “In reality, the dogs never misbehave, what happens is that our social standards are not the same as yours.” They behave like dogs that are, and to us that is troublesome: barking, they bite, they complain by staying alone at home… Understand the origin of their behaviors and find a way to adapt them to our lifestyle is the key to a happy coexistence. Educate a dog is invest in happiness, “says Benitez.

Educating my dog

Educating my dog is canine educator Ricardo Antón site and how does not recognize you merit!, also his inseparable and handsome dog Biotz. Anton shares on his blog tips counted as forceful as simple way. It’s a modest web but which has the best tricks to learn positive with the dogs. It teaches How to get the dog stops throwing belt, how to understand dogs when they are with other animals or how to resolve common anxiety syndrome by separation.

Gublog: the blog of Gudog

Gudog is a portal set in place by Garrido Loly Madrid joining carers of dogs and humans in distress, which should cut travel and don’t know who let his friend’s four-legged safely.

But it also contains a very interesting blog that is worth not lose sight. In the blog of Gudog, Gublog, are from news and tips to be happier along with dogs, to news stands; all with very practical and advisable to touch.