Small Bathroom? Check out Superpráticas Tips to Optimize Space

It’s not because your bathroom has small measures that it should be left aside in time for decoration. We’ve prepared a new project with only 3, 85 m ² with some tips for this room stay beautiful and functional at the same time. Check and make sure that create a 3D plant is even more useful when you have a small bathroom, since it is possible to plan to enjoy every corner.

1. Use mirrors

In addition to being essential in a bathroom, the mirror is a big wildcard to give the feeling that the environment is broader than is in fact. If space allows, Valley to put a larger mirror – those that you see the whole body. Another good tip is to install lighting just above the decorative item. The sensation of amplitude gets bigger still.

2. Soak the walls

A very simple way to optimize space is lean decoration. In this bathroom, until the wall above the toilet was used for the installation of a towel rack. So, you can let the towels dry in his own room.

3. Buy practical furniture

The use of functional furniture is important in any space, especially in reduced. A good woodworking project can facilitate the Organization of the bathroom, without letting it look overdone. It is also essential to bet on shallow closets that way in the circulation.

4. Install box running

One of the most sought after models of box is the box to run or box, which is also known as straight box. This model optimizes the space that has a base that is fixed and another that walks with the aid of pulleys, occupying a reduced area of the bathroom. The transparent glass also helps in the increase of the visual space.

5. Invest in design!

Put a plant or vase paintings in the room, besides being a trend, makes all the difference in the decoration. And the best: it costs very little. You can combine several small vessels or bet on a single large. As for tables, prefer the framed and have some kind of protective film, after all, the natural humidity of the bathroom can damage parts in long term.