Special Video Game Controls: Carpets, Dance

Although the Wii has become fashionable with more interactive games and, even, representing a way to make exercise fun, the truth is that the origins of this type of activity are quite distant in time, and the own Nintendo had a driver that we could perform a similar function.

In our review of video games controls, today we’re going to see the dancepad, Dance mats o dance floors, as we want to call it, an accessory to popular games such as Dance Dance Revolution, but has its origins in the NES.

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The Power Pad It is an accessory for the NES in the form of carpet, which is placed on the floor, and features 12 pressure sensors that are activated by stepping on them. It was originally developed by Bandai Although Nintendo bought him both the carpet and the game rights World Class Track Meet, He took it to organize sports competitions that the player should really do exercise.

Few were the games that were developed for this fixture, just about 10, though these include Totsugeki! Fūun Takeshi Jō, based on the popular series yellow Humor. Most of them were based in coordinating the movements on each of the points or do it at high speed.

But it was Dance Dance Revolution that put fashion carpets of dance. This game was born as a recreation in 1998, when it was distributed in Japan. The idea is similar to the games such as Guitar Hero, to coordinate actions to do with those that appear on screen, but in this case it’s stepping on different points of the carpet during the corresponding, as if we were dancing.

Subsequently, appeared DDR versions for the Playstation and other consoles, including the corresponding Dance mats as accessories. They have seen also in versions for Xbox, GameCube, Xbox 360,… in addition to computer, where we have emulators that can use DDR songs or other than, expanding the range of music available.

There are two types of Dance mats: the hard and the soft. The harsh, which are those that can be found in the recreational, are made in metal or wood and resist much better use than the soft. They can be also purchased for use at home, although they are larger and more expensive.

The soft are thinner and are usually made of plastic, and can fold and store easily.

Although it is not exactly a dance floor, the Wii Balance Board It has a similar performance. This platform has different pressure sensors with which we can control the movement of the characters on the screen.

Wii Fit It will be the primeor of games that take advantage of the Wii Balance Board, in which we will have to perform a series of exercises and to improve our score on them as you pass the time, similar to how in Brain Training.