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Talking game strategy or reflection, we rarely imagine it comes to dog toys! And yet, we dogs are as smart as you. That’s why there are reflection for dog toys, which can push your dog to widen the head in Exchange for a treat. Let me tell you more about strategy for dog toys!

What is a Toy of Reflection For Dog?

Is that what I already told you about Jojo, my friend a little too greedy Newfoundland? Well I found out recently that this dog was not only a glutton, but also a brilliant strategist. Indeed, since his master bought him a toy of reflection, he became more clever to outsmart the puzzles!

Reflection for dog toys are just kind of headache for the doggies. You hide a treat, and your dog must solve the puzzle in order to devour her, for example by moving pieces of wood or by activating a lever to release the gluttony.

I also realized that Jojo is dug more head to find the treat for dog rather than intellectual satisfaction!

How to Work the Games of Reflection For Dog?

There are different educational strategy games for dog. These games that highlight the intelligence of the dog are often classified based on a level of difficulty (difficulty 1 for simple games, and 3 for the most complex games difficulties).

Each educational game for dog will have its own functioning. This is always to place food inside to encourage your dog to play. The game for dog will sometimes require that the dog opens the drawer of the toy, raises a lid, to rotate a part of the toy, etc.

It is recommended to monitor your dog when he’s playing with a toy of reflection. Indeed, without your supervision, he would be tempted to completely destroy the toy to retrieve the croquettes that are inside.

Why buy a game of intelligence for dog?

If you are looking for an educational game for dog, canine strategy games will be an excellent opportunity to have fun with your pet.

There are multiple benefits to offer a game of intelligence to a dog indeed:

You Stimulate Your Pooch

To start, reflection for dog games will push your animal thinking, and so intellectually stimulated.

For you, this will be an opportunity to show him how to work the toy and make her understand how to recover his treat. What dog/master relationship.

You Push Your Dog to Exercise

It would be liar to consider educational toys for dog as a dog sport, this type of games for dog pushes still your pooch to invest and stir to get his treat.

In rainy weather, it’s one solution like any other to abandon his cushion or cover!

You Have Fun

Finally, it is undeniable that the reflection for dog toys are great funfor dogs as for humans.

You will see that it will be very interesting to see how your dog reacts to his toy, and tries at all costs to get his treat.

And once that your pet will have perfectly assimilated the functioning of a strategy for dog toy, you only to pass to the next difficulty level!

The Price of a Strategy For Dog Toy

I have to tell you the rates of the canine mind games. Don’t worry, their cost is very affordable. Indeed, a toy of canine reflection will cost between 13 and €50 on average. The cost of the toy will depend on its size and its difficulty.

One thing is sure: try one of these toys like those presented here is not going to ruin you!

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