Stress of Pets for Christmas

Gifts, meals, visits, brothers-in-law… If we can be stressful Christmas, as it will not be our pet: changes in habits, strangers at home or visit to new environments. How we can help avoid you this stress to our mascot or what to do when you have it?

Stress of Pets for Christmas

January is a month in which abound the consultations on behavior in the veterinary clinics and most of these problems are due to the Christmas stress. Change the daily routine of walks and meals can be very important for a dog. Visits not only pass, but that they are to eat, it can be very difficult to tolerate for a cat and this just causing anxiety.

We can detect this anxiety in our dog when it barks more account, or run around the House more nervous or even urine or defecate where not. In the case of cats can detect it to see it appear in places of our House which perhaps we do not know.

How to avoid the stress of our pets for Christmas?

To avoid the stress of the holidays our mascot, we must try to follow the routine of walks and meals without much changing schedules or ride times. If our pet is accustomed to being alone for a few hours does not need carry it always in tow, for a few hours can be at home with your environment and your peace of mind.

We recommend using preventive natural anxiolytic treatment with any product carrying tryptophan and vitamin B complex, as both help to synthesize serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a molecule that communicates one neuron with another, and its deficiency in the brain caused by States of anxiety and depression. The diet of this amino acid and vitamin B supplement, increase serotonin and we avoid the State of anxiety.

Christmas must be happy for everyone, also for our pets. They should be involved parties but in their own way, not to ours to avoid general stress. Other day talk about nougat… can eat a little bit?