Style Vintage Coolers for Those Who Have The Fridge in The Room

There are many homes in which the kitchen and lounge share space, kitchenettes are very frequent in the apartments of today. There are also other housing where the kitchen is too smalla and hardly fits in it all that is necessary. In any of these cases can be interesting a refrigerator of style the image.

The idea is to think in a refrigerator that has the appearance of a piece of furniture more and therefore can be perfect in the living room or in the dining room. It will allow us to save space in the kitchen and in addition to practice will be decorative wherever we put it. Refrigerators are signature Meneghini and there are several models to choose from.

I have chosen the images of models that I’ve liked most in light and dark, but there are also several other red and other colors that may very well be if the decoration is appropriate for them. In reality different is mainly at the door, because a time open, what we have inside is a normal fridge.

A large kitchen refrigerator takes a lot and a small does not service sufficient in most of the houses, so to avoid having to give up a good size, a good solution is change the location fridge. In the living room there is usually much more free site and looking for a finish that combines well with the rest of the furniture, incorporating the refrigerator into the Hall will not give us any problem.