Summer Delights For Pets

Summer’s here and with it came the holidays, tours and fun. Of course we couldn’t forget the high temperatures, in addition to excessive heat. If it’s hot for us, imagine for the pets. To give a refreshment to the dogs, Pet bakery offers a line of popsicles and ice cream of pots, fresh and natural, to the pets if lambuzarem in 120 ml, with the yogurt flavors, bacon, mango, watermelon, strawberry and guava. The products are found to R $6.00.

Hydration could not stay aside, isn’t it? Everyone knows that water is essential, but why don’t we change the simple taste of pets? How about a juice or a beer? HM … different. According to Rodrigo Chen, the liquid from the beer from Pet Bakery is enriched with vitamins A, C and D, 0% alcohol, made the basis of malt and Yeast of Beer, does not contain CO2 and it’s good for the kidneys.

The Beer Pet bakery is not recommended for animals younger than 03 months and an indication for the daily consumption of the product is of 40 mL/kg of the dog, which contains 340 ml and is sold at R $6.00. Already the line of juice is rich in vitamin C, the product is available in mango and strawberry flavors, with 280 ml liquid content, and are also sold in the amount of R $6.00.

Many do not know, but the cats suffering from kidney failure and the lack of fluids will generate kidney problems, four out of five cats suffering from kidney problems. And the brothers Chen didn’t forget the felines and increased production to they lambuzarem with the Milk of Pet Bakery, 0% sugar and dairy. The content is 170 ml and costs R $6.00.


Address: Rua Mateus Grou, 132-Pinheiros-São Paulo – SP

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 at 6:00 pm. Saturdays from 8:00 at 7:00 pm. Sundays from 10:00 at 3:30 pm.

Forms of payment: Accept all cards except link.

About The Pet Bakery

Pet bakery’s mission is to offer our best friends, a food concept and a gourmet place to savor and relish in differentiated and healthy Smoothies: ice cream, beer, soft drinks, juices, cookies, beef, cakes, muffins, wafers, Brigadier, cookies, chocolates and products that your pet will love. Always with the concern on the health of your pet, the ingredients are carefully selected in order to provide natural products (no added artificial dyes and preservatives), and craft. The store also has a boutique with differentiated and customized products, in addition to other services such as buffet parties for the celebrations of their pets.