The Arrival of Another Dog in House

If you have decided to add another to your home, you need to prepare yourself so that they get along. It is important to socialize your dog to all kinds of people, animals, sounds and things that you learn to accept them without fear or anxiety. As well as being good for the dog, if you have to add another dog to the family easier you to do it. Socialization as soon as the dog is born, and especially during the first year, is of utmost importance. However, it is a process that lasts throughout their lives. As soon as possible to socialize your dog, less likely to be having negative associations one another, which could be extended to other dogs or other races.

When you add another dog to your home, in some cases will be great from the beginning and you won’t have to interfere. This happens especially if you already have a balanced dog owner and you get another can, if you get two dogs adolescents or adults who already are conocenn (two dogs of the same litter) or if you get two puppies health and normal behavior.

In other cases, it may take quite some time to get along well. The dog will need to know that other animal is not going to nowhere, who will be there regardless of what it does. For that you need to spend time to spare with another dog.

Your duty will be to understand the behavior of your dog or both dogs, as well as knowing when and how to proceed.

The education of dogs
Trying to teach two dogs is a difficult, but not impossible task. It is not recommended is that you try to teach them both at the same time. It is not a way to learn and would involve too many distractions for dogs. Every dog needs to know all its commands, understand your rules and what behavior is or is not acceptable. If every dog receives individualized education , they will be much more pleasant and disciplined when they are together.

Stress in dogs
Any changes can cause stress to the dog. As your dog has no problem when strange dogs greet him or want to play with him. So you can miss that you take you no case or not the new dog to let him well. Note that one thing is that a dog play with it and then each one by his side and quite another is the dog to move to his house and play with their human. Stress manifests itself in many ways, as for example:

• dog stops eating
• changes of behavior
• urine in places where usually wouldn’t do it
• misbehaving “”

If you have added a dog into your home, it is important that each dog has their own belongings and space. If your dog suddenly changes behavior, be patient and not make it to play with the new dog. Everyone has to be a process of gradual and under your supervision.

The relocation of the dog who already lives in house
Your dog has clear herd hierarchy. For example, know that you are at the top of the hierarchy and that is preceded by other humans in the household. Usually a dog that has led a normal life with its owner and has received the necessary education, sees it at the top of the hierarchy. It is true that the herd has a leader, and that leader is ideally you.

When you add another dog to herd, it is not jealousy that feels, but relocation. This can also be the case not only with another dog, but with a cat, a baby or other human that incorporated into the home, even a picnic visit. So do not be surprised your dog to change the behavior or does not seem to get along with the new dog.

Establishing posts in the herd
It may seem that they are wrong, but initially it is possible that they are establishing their positions in the herd. What will be the dominant dog and the submissive dog? It is important to educate the puppies and dogs of small breeds to be submissive. Many dogs of small breeds have characteristics of greatness. Learn how to be submissive, not to bark, bite or annoy him, will avoid it problems not only with the dog of the home, but also with other dogs.

When you interfere?
If dogs do not seem to agree or to establish their positions in the herd and misbehaved, you must interfere. A word like “Ah” or “Ack” can serve as a conditioned Punisher. You can use it just before stopping a game or give a time-out (rest) the dog that has been ported in a nasty way. To make it effective, the correction should be short and at the time of the behavior.

Ranking exercises
It is normal that the dog that is already at home wants to be the Alpha Dog, but not always it can be, especially if you have a small dog and buy one big race, or if you have a puppy at home and buy an adult dog. You can help the dogs establish their posts in the herd. For that, depending on the breed, size, age and the personality of the dogs, choose which should have the highest post. You can carry out the following exercise:

• give first feed the Alpha Dog
• put the belt to walk before other
• Let this dog out of the House before the other
• Pet him first

If your dogs establish their own jobs, respect them.

Shy, fearful, aggressive or territorial dogs
You must be careful with these dogs. It is not suitable to add another dog or pet if one of them has these features. It takes into account that a shy, timid or aggressive dog will need professional help, especially if it is aggressive. You will also need your support and attention. Until solutions not problems with this dog, you do not consider to have another pet. The same applies to dogs with territorial problems, which does not like sharing their space, food and much less their human.

Professional help
If you have dogs and one of them exhibits unwanted, dangerous behavior or you can not help it, seek help. First he goes to the vet to rule out health problems. Then looking for a dog trainer that uses positive reinforcement and who can guide you step by step so that your dog can be happy and you also.