The Cat Flap For Dog!

More freedom for him, peace of mind for you: focus on the flap for dog!

It takes you to her doorman and you fed up? Yes, but since you have a garden, your dog also want to enjoy at will! Competing interests, solution: the cat flap for dog! Well no, contrary to what its name suggests, it is not confined only to cats! Small dogs, medium or large size, find the door that suits you! Come on, we tell you more about this accessory that should make people happy!

Description of the Pet Door For Dog

The cat flap for dog requires a small installation work. In the door, we practice an opening where one inserts a swinging door system. That, that’s the basic principle. After several very practical options are added to the system and not lose control on the comings and goings of your pooch.

Modes of Locks of the Vents For Dog

It is an option that has been long in its manual form: most of the vents are fitted with this system that allows to manage the passage of your dog.

Output only, only, input and output or input or output, these are 4 possible options.

One finds also today electronic vents that allow to set opening and closing times. In other words, you give your dog beyond which it must stay at home a curfew. It is good practice to keep hold of his movements when you’re not home all the time!

The Cat Flap for dog with Chip Reader

Some teachers fear that installing a pet door opens the door to unwanted intrusions. Here again, modern technology has provided a response which attracted an increasing number of homes!

Some vents are equipped with a memory and locking system allowing the passage of animals of your choice. There are two systems: either you directly save the microchip of your dog, you attach a small Medallion to his collar and voila, the door will open for him! Most of these models can remember several numbers, and so many animals.

Principle of the Pet Door For Dog

The cat flap for dog to give more freedom to the dog in his comings and goings. When it is cold or to avoid leaving the door open to mosquitoes, it is a convenient way to balance your desire for comfort and his desire to enjoy your garden. For fairly active dogs who need to burn more often than during the walks, it is a solution that gives them a rather satisfactory independence.

Advantages of the Pet Door For Dog

As I said, when you have a garden where the dog can to stretch their legs, the flap is a great accessory to freedom for him.

His eyes, your life inside can be a little boring. Even when it rains and you do not want to enjoy your garden, he wants to run. The cat flap allows it without having to bother you to enter and exit.

From your point of view, it’s a way to keep control by programming schedules of the outputs and the animals allowed to pass. No risk that this door is transformed into flaw in the security of your home!

Price of the Pet Door For Dog

Whatever model you choose, the size and quality of the mechanism are the criterion of price change. Fortunately, you can find many models on the internet and you can compare them.

Price of the Vents to Manual Locking

  • For a small pet door: from €15 for the first prize, € 25 on average.
  • For medium size: between 30 and €60
  • For the large size, expect between 40 and €85.

Price of the Vents to Chip

A reliable model of electronic pet door cost you more than € 110 at present. The price according to the size difference is less pronounced. Allow between € 110 and € 160 on average.

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