The Harness Light to Protect Your Dog At Night!

Visibility at any time with the harness light to protect your dog at night!

Who was not afraid that he is lost in the bushes or across the street at the wrong time when night falls? Your dog is not aware, but in the dark, we no longer see! Fortunately, there are now accessories that allow to follow gaze at any time of the day or night: the light harness for dog! Most harnesses work with batteries that are easily found in trade.

Description of the Light Harness For Dog

The light harness for dog are the result of a cross between the classic harness, suitable for the size of your dog, and bright collars, already present on the market for some time. The harness is fitted with LED on all its area and covered with a layer of plastic. It resists the rain (but it is better to avoid swimming) and it’s built to last. A range of bright colors is now available, with rhythms of varied flashes, the goal is clear: be seen!

Principles of the light harness for dog

From dusk, your dog continues to live as in daylight, but he does not realize that it is also more visible! And as more it fun in the walk, he do not necessarily to stay near you or to stop at the approach of a road. For you, these are moments of stress, for him, the risk of accident or get lost very strong increases.

The bright harness are visible on a maximum distance of 100 to 200 m according to the models, which gives a little margin to your pooch!

It is also possible to use during the day: increase its visibility is never wrong, especially if there is fog or if the Sun hides!

Benefits of the Light Harness For Dog

The light harness for dog is designed to be ergonomic: it is lightweight and doesn’t bother the dog. With LED, it shines without heat, which avoids the risk of burns. It is also resistant to water, because whatever the weather, the promenade is required!

Surrounded by nylon, it spoils the hair or skin, and it can last a long time, especially since it is washable. This is significant when we know that dogs love to roll in the mud when the opportunity arises!

Not only you do not waste your pooch from view, but drivers and passers-by see also, which decreases the risk of collision. Over endless games of hide-and-seek in winter when night falls early and it’s cold!

Price of the Light Harness For Dog

According to the offers, a leash and the batteries can be provided or not, which may explain changes in price for a fairly identical product. Carefully read the product description.

The size is also a criterion of price. There are easily found on many sites of canine accessories from €12 until €30 as at Atoodog for example.

There are also such as retroreflective harnesses presented right here, very useful to ensure the visibility of your dog from the drivers, as with cyclists. Here again, Web sites offer a wide choice where it would be surprising that you do not find your happiness!

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