The Uses of a Cage for Dogs

If you use it correctly, a cage for dogs can become integral to the development of your can. Buy one of resistant material, which can endure bites and travel. So your dog gets used to it, put it in a concurrent place of the House, where he can see everything that happens to her around. Leave the cage open and put a toy inside.

When you need to put your dog in the cage, do it yourself. You should put it without ADO or complications, free of words before placing it, and when it comes out. If you complain, ignore it at all, but reforzarás this bad behavior. This part of the process in the long run will make sure the dog is quiet in the cage. It is best that the dog has used the bathroom and made exercise, thus will be tired. Although it may seem cruel, the cage must not be too comfortable. Don’t put food or water inside. Only you must a dog have by cage and should not be too large for your dog, but give you enough space to lie down, stand and turn around. A cage has limited time and specific applications.

  • To travel

Whether it is for travel by car, train, bus, or plane, a cage serves to keep your dog safe during the entire trip. Airlines require that each dog traveling with them is in a cage. It is recommended that your dog gets used to be in a cage at an early age so no protest during the trip.

  • Hygienic education

A dog never makes their needs in the space where it sleeps. That a cage is perfect to teach your child to go to the bathroom at specific times. Once your dog eat and use the bathroom, you can put it in the cage until the next time that you need to use the bathroom. Do not put it in the cage if you have not used the bathroom or force it to hold it for too long.

  • A space for your dog

The natural instinct of dogs makes them prone to look for spaces like caves. A cage is a kind of cave to the dog where you can retreat when you want to be alone, away from others or sleep. The dog should not be annoyed if it withdraws to its cage. You must close the cage nor if he has entered on its own. It allows use and desuse as you wish. If you want your dog to use his cage in this way, but are not encouraged, you can use a command such as “Bed” or “Place”. After saying so, points toward the cage and pulls a delight inside. The dog will enter through his delight. Once the dog associates the cage with the word bed or place, give him a treat after that.

  • To avoid bad behavior in puppies

If you have a puppy dog or a teenager who still does not know what can bite, you can put it in the cage when you drop it supervising. If you work long hours, it is not appropriate to let the dog there all the time, since any dog must pass more than a few hours in the cage. It is little social and it can frustrate and isolate rather than educate them. The key is in the word “prevent”. The cage should never be used to punish a dog. If the dog has behaved badly, it is too late to put it in the cage. Dogs that know how to behave not need cage for this.