The Withdrawal of a Puppy: How to Pass the Croquettes Milk?

Complete Information on Weaning For Puppies!

They are so cute when they nurse their mother! And yet, it is a relatively short period in the dog. Weaning is a very important step for its future health and socialization. How know when the time is right? How to switch from milk to dry food? What are the real issues? Become a pro at weaning with this article!

When to Start Weaning a Puppy?

The growth of puppies is very fast. On average, it is around the 3rd week after the birth of the puppies that the question can start asking. At the beginning of the 5th week, must the withdrawal is already started because milk teeth that grow in puppies may hinder the mother.

Some signs may enable you to understand that the time has come: more and more interested in the bowl of their mother, the puppies are a growing appetite, but their mother is running out of milk and pushes away them. On balance, the weight of puppies should follow a regular growing curve.

It often happens that this step presents itself and naturally. Otherwise, he must turn it on yourself.

The steps for successful weaning a puppy?

The withdrawal happens in several stages and lasts 3 to 4 weeks. Initially, the digestive system of the puppies cannot them digest solid food. Inappropriate food could cause irreversible health problems. Food for weaning puppies is very rich in vitamins, minerals and calories. The mother can share this diet because for awhile, its needs are identical to their.

  • Phase 1: in a bowl, pour some milk formula for puppies. They learn to feed to the bowl. If they don’t lap up spontaneously, feel free to help them by feeding them with your finger.
  • Phase 2: in a bowl, offer puppies with a slurry of kibble for puppies softened in formula milk or water. There are also some brands, weaning rich and creamy foam. Food can be given in a large bowl or spread over several. This is the time to observe the eating behaviours and ensure that each to feed correctly. Attention to the little gluttons! Puppies need to eat several times a day, but the amount should not be excessive to limit the risks of obesity and poor bone growth.
  • Phase 3: little by little, the kibble for puppies entered the Bowl are less moistened. The moistening liquid becomes gradually exclusively water.
  • Phase 4: croquettes of growth for puppies become the staple food of puppies and they are more moistened.

Weaning the Puppy Behavioral Issues

Weaning is the period where the puppies are turning to the outside world. Reports still puppies and their mother will gradually become less fusional. They need it to learn good behavior and understand the situations of daily life. His teachings are reassuring for them. Around two months, they are educated enough to leave their mother in good conditions. If they leave too soon, the risks of phobias, hypersensitivity to noise, requires permanent attention are real. Breast milk and weaning foods help the puppy to develop its immune system.

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