The World Dog Show

The World Dog Show, or WDS, is an annual competition held for three consecutive days. Unlike the Westminster, which takes place every year in New York, the World Dog Show is held in a different country every year.

Fédération Cynologique Internationale
The World Dog Show is an exhibition part of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) or, in Spanish, the Federation Cynologique Internationale, headquartered in Belgium. Participating dogs must have pedigree, be 343 breeds recognized by the FCI, and come from one of the 86 countries that are members of the organization. Dogs with pedigree registered with similar organizations in other countries may participate in the special category of non-recognized breeds, but cannot gain higher titles of the competition.

Dog groups
Dogs compete in 10 groups, according to the FCI groups.
• Group 1: Herding group, except the Swiss Bouvier
• Group 2: Pinscher, Schnauzer, molossoid breeds, dogs, type mountain and Swiss mountain dog
• Group 3: Terriers
• 4 group: Dachshunds or dachshunds
• Group 5: Spitz and primitive type
• Group 6: Hounds, Trail dogs and others
• 7 Group: Show dogs
• 8 group: Collectors hunting, hunting lifters and water dogs
• 9 group: Company and toy dogs
• 10 group: Greyhounds

Kinds of dogs
To participate a dog should you have at least six months of age and be a part of one of the following classes.
Puppy: 6 to 9 months, but you can opt for the best of the Show
Junior: 9-18 months
Intermediate: 15-24 months
Open: more than 15 months
Work: more than 15 months of age, a breed of work and with the FCI working dog certificate
Champions: more than 15 months and only champions national and international FCI, though they may be from countries that are not members of the Organization provided that the Championship is recognized and supported by this
Veterans: more than 8 years of age. Just like the Puppy class, these dogs may not participate in best of the Show.

The competition is governed by breed, group and best of all Canids. Dogs of the World Dog Show will also compete in several categories.
Agility. The dog must jump over obstacles, cross rings and tunnels. It can be a fun sport for dog and owner.
Conformation. The person in charge of the dog, or the Guide, exhibits the dog in front of a judge. The judge inspects his face, teeth, body and choose the dog, which he and the written rules of the contest, closest to the breed standard. This is the main purpose of the contest and is given to the winner the title of best of the Show.
Freestyle. The dog turns and gets up to the beat of the music. It is as if he were dancing style “Freestyle”.
Junior Showmanship. It is only the same as conformation, that young people under 18 years of age exhibit to dogs. In some competitions the young can have up to 24 years.
Obedience. Depending on the level in which to compete the dog and its owner, the dog demonstrates that you can sit and lie by prefaced time, attend the call, bringing an object by following the instructions in your guide, walk next to the Guide (heel) and sniff and collect.

In the main ring
Dogs compete in the main ring to win in conformation. There are several categories.
Best of the Show: the best of all groups.
Best Junior of the Show: the winner of the juniors.
Best of the Group: choose the best of the each of the 10 groups.
Best of Junior groups: each group junior a winner is selected.
Kind of couple: choose a dog and a bitch of the same race and the same owner.
Breeding group: 3-5 dogs of the same breed but with different owners.
Best Puppy: a dog of the so-called as very promising.
Best veteran: a dog of the evaluated as excellent.