Things That Make Your Dog Very Happy

The companionship of a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have!Let the countless “cachorreiros” say it around the world.The benefits of this coexistence for the human being have also been proven by scientific studies.

But what about the well-being of the dog?In order for the coexistence to be pleasurable for both, it is important to prioritize activities that will be rewarding and healthy also for the furry, respecting and always attending to their specific behavioral characteristics.

Nowadays, with the expansion of urban centers and the growing number of apartments, dogs are increasingly inserted in homes, in close coexistence with people.

But, on the other hand, people are also increasingly busy in their daily activities, which, for the most part, are not exercised at home.

Immediate consequence: dogs are left alone, often for long periods of the day, without many physical or recreational activities, much less healthy interactions with tutors.

This is bad for the mental health of the furry ones, that can develop serious behavioral problems, like compulsions, repetitive behaviors, apathy, excess barks, separation anxiety, among others.

So what to do?Provide ACTIVITIES with the dog!Things to do, get distracted, sniff, search, gnaw, destroy.Yes, because an entertaining dog is a healthy dog!If these activities can be done with the tutor, even better!It will help to tighten ties and will be pleasurable for both!

Playing with polka dots, using interactive toys to entertain, creating activities with the dog that encourage him to “sniff and hunt” food are activities that should be considered in the day to day life of a dog.

Also, when talking about having the company of a dog, most people know the importance of the walks to the well-being of your pet.But, there are still many who understand that the dog does not need to leave, since it has a beautiful area in the house to exercise, run and sniff.

Or, there are those who live with small dogs, who live in an apartment and, for these reasons, do not need to peep in the street, because the games at home would suffice.Many, on the other hand, even taking the dogs to the street, do so quickly: only a small “twist” on the block, enough to relieve physiological needs.

The walk for the dog is of great importance to your physical and mental health.The dog is a social animal, which “sees” the world through smell.Most simply love a good walk, especially accompanied by the tutor!Thus, going out on the street means having access to a world of smells that will stimulate you mentally, thus avoiding the boredom of a life confined between four walls.It is never too much to remember that it is part of their nature to walk, smell and explore the world.

In addition, the dog that walks regularly, frequenting parks, squares and streets, has the opportunity to meet other furry, which will increase the probability of being extremely sociable, much happier and more confident.

The walk also assists the dog to expend energy, making him less sedentary – benefit that extends to the tutor!When walking, the dog is practicing physical activity, exercising, which brings many physiological benefits, in addition to avoiding obesity and its harmful consequences.

A dog living in a huge yard will certainly not work out as much as one who lives in an apartment, but who is taken for a good walk every day.

It is important to remember that to ensure safety, it is very important that the dog is always guided.Especially in large urban centers, where it is not safe to let the dog walk without it, even in quiet streets or neighborhoods, as serious accidents can always occur.

Every dog ​​should always have on his collar a nameplate, with his name, owner’s name and telephone number for contact.This simple measure can avoid the sadness of losing the hairy.

Therefore, in the face of so much good, always reserve a period of your day to carry out activities with the dog!He will be very happy, the bond of affection between you will be stronger and more coexistence too!