Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Everyone likes to travel with the family. This includes pets, since they are part of the family and cannot be alone in the House. And you know what care should be given to taking your dog or cat on a trip?

The vet Stephanie Rome advises taking the puppy to a query before the trip. “The vet will examine it and indicate what procedures to take. On a long journey, for example, can prescribe sedatives “.

Seham says the signs vary with the size of the animal, your medical history and stress level.

See doctor’s tips for before and during the journey by car:

Before the trip:

-Walk with your pet: make it be willing to travel, drink water and pee and poop.

-For small animals: you must buy a special safety harness. Watch this for the dog’s safety and for the driver’s Pocket: the fine is R$ 85.41 four points in my wallet for letting the animal without belt or travel box.

-For larger pets, cats or animals with stress: buy a travel box or the corrupt (check box for cats).

-If you’re going to the beach: the animal must take medication against flea, tick and vermifuge.

-National: press Trips with you a clean bill of health and vaccination of the animal.


During the trip:

Don’t let your pet travel in the window. The wind on your face can cause infection in the ear and eyes. The dog or cat should be belted or inside the box.

– Search stop always. After 80 to 100 kilometers run stop the car to get fresh water and let the animal breathe.

– Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not travel with a lot of heat or air conditioning at a high level. Can stress the your pet.