Travel with Your Pet with the New Go | Pets

A safe thought so that you can travel with your pet with total tranquility. We tell you the keys to the new insurance go | Pets

Travel with Your Pet with the New Go Pets

Fortunately it is becoming easier to travel with our pets , both in Spain and around the world, since there are already many means of transport, accommodation, restaurants, and even public areas such as beaches and reservoirs, where previously no Access and are now welcome.

However, we still have doubts as to what would happen if something happens to our pet and finally we can not travel; Or if you are traveling in any country, something happens and needs veterinary attention; Or even if it is lost; Or if something happens to us during the trip and we can not attend it; Or if, in an extreme case, they fight with another animal or escape and cause a traffic accident, and we must respond to a third party for the damages caused … To cover these and other possible situations, so that we can travel with our Pets with ease, born go | Pets

Discover in 10 Keys the advantages of travel insurance with go go | Pets

For all pets.
Insurance go | Pets covers all types of pets: from cats and dogs of all races to ferrets, vietnamese pigs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, squirrels, chinchillas, canaries, parakeets, toucans, parrots of all kinds, hedgehogs, Horses, monkeys … Even frogs and tarantulas.

All over the world.
Insurance go | Pets is valid worldwide (except for Liability coverage, which does not cover either the United States or Canada).

No need to take out the wallet.
No franchises, no shortages and no need to advance the money. We will tell you which clinics you can go with your pet and we will take care of the payments for the assistance received.

If anything happens: to the vet.
Your pet will receive veterinary care anywhere in the world if it suffers heat stroke, gastric dilatation or twisting or any type of injury, whether by run over, fall, fight with another animal … or simply by running or jumping. Radiographs, interventions, post-operative treatments, clinical sta …

If something happens to your pet that prevents you from traveling, you will be covered .
If you lose your pet, if you are sick or have an accident and therefore you have to cancel the trip, you and the insured in the policy can cancel the trip with a maximum coverage of 5,000 euros. If it happens once the trip begins, you will be reimbursed for the part corresponding to the trip not enjoyed.

If you need to spend more time caring for your pet, do not let anything stop you.
If your pet is lost or has a disease that prevents you from continuing the trip, you will have covered the costs for modification or prolongation of your stay at the destination with a maximum of 75 € / day.

Transfer home if your pet needs it.
You will have coverage of up to 1,750 euros if, by accident or illness, your pet needs to be transferred to a veterinary center or to your home. And if you unfortunately die, the insurer will take care of your return home so you can accompany the body.

Whatever happens, you will not be left alone.
If you suffer an accident or illness and your pet is left unattended during the trip, the insurance company will, at the request of a family member or friend, arrange for their transfer home or a nearby site or the costs of staying in an A limit of 75 euros per day.

If it is lost, we will help you.
You will have up to 500 euros for press ads and, if you can not pick up your pet immediately, the insurance company will pay for your accommodation until your reunion. In case your pet is lost or stolen and you do not recover it before 90 days, you will receive compensation for your loss of 1,000 euros.

Liability insurance
If your pet causes harm to third persons or their animals or things, the insurance will go | Pets will cover them with up to 35,000 euros (including court costs) – except in the USA. And Canada.

You will find all the information about this insurance (summary, coverage, prices, etc.) on the page of go | Pets