Trussardi 1911, The Keepall Vintage with More Race

Trussardi It is one of those Italian firms that have something special and unique. Only with see and touch accessories of skin occurs one account that you are one of the best houses of leather goods with a history of almost 100 years. Many other brands, not less accessible, are dedicated simply to design and market products, but Trussardi goes beyond.

Everything that touches this Italian firm transforms it into a true work of art, we had already seen it with the shopping bags of skin in her collection for this summer. And this new season has surprised me with this beautiful keepall bag aged appearance and recorded reasons with silhouettes of dogs.

Color chocolate brown reminiscent of an old leather armchair which seems that the years have not passed. Dogs, of different races, recorded on the same skin, are part of the history of the brand, the own signature shield is formed by a pair of greyhounds. In short, a real adult pleasure that many would like to own. We then see her with more detail.