Vintage Style and Modern Art in Furniture Moooi

Style vintage It has much charm and is very fashionable, but reaches a point where one gets tired of seeing always the same in all the shop windows and all catalogs and need to change. Actually the classic furniture and the old can be changing your appearance through the colors and drawings.

Within this concept Studio Job has created the collection of furniture for Moooi that you can see in the image above. If these furniture were white with a hint of aged we we would define them clearly as vintage, but if we look at the artistic paintings that decorate them, things change.

In the image above you have the detail of these paintings You spoke and which in my opinion are the best of the collection, because they completely change the personality of furniture and open a whole range of possibilities on how to decorate this style furniture.

A cheerful color and symbols for all tastes, from four-leaf clovers luck symbol, until the typical skulls of the flags of pirate, keys or dominoes. I do not know what will seem to you to you, but my idea was delighted and above all I’d like to see How would the furniture be if each one could customize the colors and designs of your choice.