Ways to Carry Your Dog

Transport for dogs accessories are varied on the market, from the harness to the gate through the transport fund. How to choose for your dog travel comfortably and safely?

Traveling with your dog requires some precautions. The first is to choose the right equipment for the comfort of the animal but also the security of all.

Case, Bag or Carrier?

The road code requires every driver to stay master of his actions at any time. For this reason, the first rule when traveling with his dog is do not leave free: you can never anticipate his reactions may be so obedient. If you decide to not “lock” your dog, it will take whatever it is tie it with a safety belt that hangs on a harness, and especially not on the collar.There are specific harnesses for traveling with his dog. But, of course, your seats won’t tell you thanks in case of vomiting or accidental pee.

Safety Net And Pet Carrier

If you have a break, a 4 x 4 or a minivan – and a big dog-, the ideal is to let the free safe so that the animal is comfortable. Some cars are equipped with a NET or protection grid between the trunk and the seat back, but if this isn’t the case, you can totally get one in a car Center. However, this equipment is ineffective in case of shock. Also, it is recommended to prefer a transport cage , adapted to the size of the dog. Even though it is located in the trunk, and your pet will be less free to move, it will be also happy to be in a confined area. In addition, the dog will be protected in case of shock. It is important to well stall the cage on both sides.

The Transport Case

Of course, if you have another vehicle with a closed chest, it is out of the question to place the dog. In this case the crate or carrier bag must be positioned in height, in the back seat for example, so that the animal feels too much vibration. Also, it will be fixed with the safety belt. For a small dog, and therefore a small box, it is possible to position it between the front seat and the seat. Note that the box is anyway required if you travel by train, by boat or by plane with your dog. Investment (from € 150 to € 400) can be worth it. The Fund must, in all cases, be to IATA standards, i.e. certified aircraft. The Fund is chosen first depending on the size of the dog. It is advisable to focus on unions in rigid plastics rather than folding boxes.

The Transport Bag

Carrier bags are useful for small dogs, especially when you walk in the city with them. By car however, their flexibility makes the random animal safety. That said, for a dog up to 9 kg, you can complete your equipment with a car seat special doggies and the strap attaches to the seat belt. Some even turn into travel cot. The lap of luxury!

How to prepare the dog for a first trip

It of not all have the ideal equipment, still need to make your dog feel good during the trip. On this subject, plan ahead and protect your seat. This is the first rule: anticipate! First of all, it is useful that the dog perceives its transport case, if you have chosen this accessory, as something positive. You can slide his favorite blanket, a toy, a blanket or even a treat. To prevent any risk of vomiting, do not feed your dog 4 to 5 hours before departure. Finally, knowing that the dog can stress or have an lot of transport, first try a trip on a suburban, and made where appropriate, prescribe treatment.

A Visit To The Vet

In all cases, at the veterinary visit before a big trip with his dog, especially if you intend to pass borders. It will issue a certificate of good health and a European passport, which ensures that their vaccinations are up-to-date. Also remember to take with you the animal identification documents.

What happens to a dog running loose in case of shock?
Automotive German club has conducted experiments of crash-test. It shows that a dog only 10 pounds left free in a car can become crash at 50 km/h a 250-pound projectile! Of course, it can be deadly for one of the occupants of the car.