What to Do When We Find An Abandoned Dog? News, Tips And Find Shelter!

With the summer, there is unfortunately a resurgence of the abandoning of pets by families with commitment and responsibilities a vision quite little reciprocal and selfish. If you see a dog abandoned in the public space, what can you do to help? Solutions exist, places and host associations and I propose today to make the point about the gestures which save when we find an abandoned dog.

Veterinarian, the Town Hall and the CDI: Priority to the Health and Administration When We Find An Abandoned Dog

When you see a stray dog, your first two concerns must be to make sure that it is really only and it is not aggressive. If it is just behind his master, alert the latter that he ask his dog to get closer. If the dog is alone but are aggressive, do not put your own safety at stake. Keep it in sight and immediately alert the SPA, the pound or the Town Hall.

Indeed, under article L211-21 of the Code Rural, City Hall is responsible for animals wandering on his estate. It is, therefore, required to participate.

If the dog isn’t aggressive, consider to ensure his health and his identification if it is possible. The vet puts a first review and check if the dog has a chip or a tattoo (normally required) with a number referenced by the CDI. If this is the case, we must go back to the dog owner and the vet will keep the animal. This intervention is free.

If the vet does not have to establish the link with the master, the question arises of the base for this dog.

His State of health and advice that will then give you the veterinarian may allow you to make a decision.

You are not allowed to keep him with you without permission from the authorities, and for health reasons. On the other hand, the Mayor can, if you wish, issue you an authorization of 8 days to host the dog. After this time, you have to hand it to an association, a pound or shelter.

Who to Contact and What Solutions When We Find An Abandoned Dog?

Sites allow to publish announcements of lost dogs and track the results. There are even now applications for phone!

As for the dog, once confided to a shelter, at the SPA or a pound, it is treated and evaluated her health and mental state. If he’s fine and he’s not aggressive, he can be put under the temporary custody of a foster home who will take care until a family adopts it or that a long-term solution be found for him. Host families are necessarily registered in associations for the protection of animals. All dogs are unable to benefit from this solution because foster families are unfortunately fewer than the doggies in need!

Moreover, the adoption of an animal is a noble and generous, but very structured, and who must meet a strict process, obligatorily through the refuge or the institution that took in charge the animal.

A Refuge Close to Home When We Find An Abandoned Dog

The vast majority of shelters have to offer the most comfortable and constructive solutions to allow the dog to regain his balance after this traumatic episode in his life.

Thanks to the internet, find the shelter nearest you and learn more about his actions is more easy. All of France and the overseas departments have structures that can accommodate the abandoned dogs.

There are several types of refgues:

  • The SPA shelters: there are 62 in France. The SPA is the largest national association reception and adoption of abandoned pets. The nearest refuge of Paris is Grammont, in Gennevilliers. All major cities have not always their, but near Lyon, there is that Lyon-Marennes, near Marseille it is the Refuge of the dogs – Aix-en-Provence, also note the shelter CAP Perpignan. Closest to Bordeaux is that of St. Peter of the Mont Marsan.
    The refuge of Pornic is close to Nantes and in General, there are several in the West: there are a close to Brest and 3 in the suburbs of Rennes. Close to Lille is Tilloy les Mofflaines, in Arras.
  • Shelters held by smaller associations. The easiest is to do a search by typing the number of your Department. Internet sites (the Journal of the Animal Protection) provide a directory of shelters by Department. This allows to find as those located in rural areas, like “Swipe” at Bouteillac, or “Not stupid” to Forges-la-Forêt in Brittany, hug ‘ canine in Islands of France, or even “olive farm” in Molineuf, in the Loir-and-Cher, the “shelter of Sarrebourg” in Moselle and in the Var, the “relay of beasts martyrs, run by the Association for the Respect of the animals.

Independent shelters are based on the will and tenacity of volunteer individuals. They receive no subsidies and live donations from those who find their just cause and want to help them. The animals are usually very well treated and valued, to the extent of the means of each.

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