What Toys are Best for My Dog

Toys for dogs are very varied. They serve not only to amuse her but contribute to his physical and mental well-being while participating in its development.

Playing with his dog is a necessity, whether a puppy or an older dog. Toys develop its physical and social abilities, sharpened the sense, allow to set limits to the behavior and offer moments of complicity between the master and his dog.

What for?

To Launch Toys

To launch toys are very numerous, the simple stick to the ball. We run, the dog brings, or does not! Choose instead a specific ball for dog, because tennis balls wear out more teeth. Start always right and not too high to avoid your dog gets hurt. With the toys to launch your dog working speed and distances.

Frisbee, a Toy To Share

Frisbee catches up to the flight. The dog cannot play alone with but learns to be responsive while relating the object.

Pull Toys

Toys shooting are the strings or the tug. Each draws from his side and it is a real game that requires respect on the part of your dog. He must learn to control himself for not to bite your fingers. It’s a live game between you and your dog and nothing prevents you from turning the rope into a toy to launch.

Toys To Bring

To bring toys are made of wood, fabric, metal, rubber… They can be filled with treats and allow to teach your dog the report.

The Toys Of Occupation

You don’t always have time to devote to your dog to play with him and that is where the toys of occupation. Your dog can play all alone with bones to chew, toys to shove or you skin. Attention to the quality of these accessories!

Toys To Cuddle

Toys to cuddle a little are comforters for your dog. There are stuffed animals or simple dishtowels adopt your animal to calm down.

Toys for puppies

Toys for puppies are light and in a subject not too hard to chew. The ball chewing is ideal, as well as toys that Squeak. There are frisbees for more sweet than the models for adult dog puppies.

For older puppies

For older puppies toys that bounce or famous Kong toys are well suited. Chew toys are involved in good dental health and reduction of stress.

Adult dog toys

Adult dog toys must be adapted to its size. Think about alternate toys to avoid fatigue and keep them all available to your dog.

What toys for an older dog?
Choose rubber more flexible to meet his teeth and gums. Pay attention also to spare and respect his pace of old dog.
Dr. Elisabeth Tané, veterinary.