What Your Puppy Needs to Be Happy

By race or without, every dog ​​deserves to be happy, treated as a dog, that is, a very sociable animal, that is part of a pack – his family – and must understand the basic rules of coexistence. When he defines who is the leader – do what is possible and impossible to be you, but with fairness and affection, not violence – family life / pack, he is super calm. To understand the dog we have to try to think like him. He likes things different from you, so respect your dog needs, your way of thinking, acting, feeding. When you begin to understand what your dog expects of you, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable. Know what the puppy needs to be happy!


The dog uses this device to know everything that surrounds him and the environment. While humans have about 5 million olfactory cells, the dog has 220 million “smell receptors”. Through the smell that the dog leaves on the way, with the pee for example, the next furry that goes there will know all the characteristics of the previous, such as age, sex, size. Let’s say the smell is something like the animal’s RG. Therefore, conscious owners and owners are not ashamed when their dogs meet on the street and smell the other’s butt. Nothing of pulling the guide giving a scold, they are only getting to know each other, because in this place there is a gland that presents them by the smell. This smelling of them would be considered our handshake. It is also by smell that they appreciate the universe. Here’s a little bird. Make sure … here’s a cat. Fuçafuçafuca … someone dropped a piece of roasted chicken. Fuzafuça … ah this wonderful world!

They like to …


They are essential for socialization, health and everything positive that your puppy needs. Daily walks with your pet can become an incredible source of pleasure when you get to know your neighbors better and make new friends. Maybe even get a new boyfriend – who likes a dog – and so on. The laziness stays in the corner, the health (and the belly) thank. Another very important factor is that, with frequent walking, the dog does not create that barking neurosis for anything, is not afraid of different noises, becomes accustomed to all kinds of external stimuli without traumas.


Well, your furry will eat the ration you provide and everything else he can steal, like the strips of the slipper, the plastic that wrapped that meat, socks recently used, etc. Okay, it’s a joke, but it becomes a serious matter when there is exaggeration (or recklessness), like the Bulldog that was operated to remove 27 dummies. Good quality food is vital, always in the quantity described on the packaging, or prescribed by the veterinarian. The price of super premiums scare, but they save good money on drugs and diseases that could be avoided. The dog eats less, shows differences in coat, health and especially and more noticeable, in the feces, smaller and with longer time intervals. This is because the dog absorbs better the nutrients of this line of feed. Do not feed mixed feed into the feed unless the veterinarian orders it. A lot of what we eat is not digested by the furry ones, causing soft stools and stomach problems. See what should stay away from the little pussycat.


A puppy needs to sleep, on average, 17 hours a day. After the jokes the rest is essential, as well as after long walks. We must respect the hour of the dogs’ snoring, for our own safety. Dogs, unlike many people think, dream, usually with hunting and hunters, fangs, games and things of their daily life. A dog may be dreaming about chasing and biting the owner who tries to wake him up. How many times have we seen children pee in bed for dreaming they were doing this? For the rest and well-being of the geek, let him sleep the sleep of the righteous. REWARD – Whenever your dog does something cool, reward him at the right time. The dog does not know what is right or wrong, but understands that if it is rewarded it is because it is worth repeating the behavior. All he wants is to please the owner, just show him how to do it. As? Affection, tidiness and demonstrations of affection in general. They love receiving such gifts.


Dogs love to get things: everything my owner throws, including dirty laundry in the basket and new socks. After a dog learns to get things you will have fun guaranteed for hours on end. Polka dots and toys are usually preferred, but believe me, a pet bottle can make a hit. BEING – Be cared for, treated, fed, accompanied, the dog of your dreams, the center of attention. The animal loves to be and to be, participating in everything that rolls around him, being part of the pack (yes, humans, we are the pack). This is certainly a way to make the dog happy: let him accompany you at everyday events such as taking the kids to school, shopping at the bakery, or family activities in general.


Being in the company of the people he trusts. . . Is he happy.


Basic training is essential to encourage and improve the relationship between owners and their dogs, as long as the owner actually participates. The training with affection, reward and participation of the owner can not go wrong, and the dog is very happy to be able to demonstrate that he understands and obeys the leader. Above all, he respects him out of love, not out of fear. After a basic training you understand each other much better, and the relationship gets more and more enjoyable. They open a line of mutual communication, always increasing trust in one another. When this communication exists, everything becomes easier. Be a fair owner for your dog. When you fight with him for a real reason, he understands and does not get upset. He discovers that he was wrong and, if he is reprimanded in the right way, at the right time, he will try to hit the next one. In the same way, do not forget to praise a lot whenever possible. This will make you the owner he expects, accepts, respects and loves as a leader.


Rides, play and exercise should be part of the routine of the animal. Routine is something that may bother us, but for your dog it means the safety you need. A set routine makes a puppy happy, and changing it can result in stress.


This is perhaps the most important keyword in a dog’s life. He gives us love in its purest form. If you are a responsible, caring, fair and trustworthy owner of your animal, you will return as the most beautiful and unconditional form of love, the love of a dog, where it is enough to love to be loved.