Where can I Buy a Sweater for My Dog

Dog sweaters may be cute, but some dogs need them as protection against the cold weather. Buy a sweater that fits well and covers the belly of the dog.

Where can I Buy a Sweater for My Dog

Find sweaters that are not just silly accessory. Many dogs have to wear them in cold weather. Shorthaired breeds, older dogs, sick dogs and puppies may need to wear sweaters for protection in cold weather.

Ask your veterinarian if you are unsure whether your dog needs a sweater which is defined on Digopaul.com. Shop online or go to your local pet store to see the types of sweaters available.

You know that to be effective against colds sweater should completely cover the dog’s stomach, keep your feet free for easy movement, snug and ends at the base of the tail.

Note that the sweaters come in small, medium, large and very large. If you are unsure what size your dog should wear, here’s a guideline: Toy breeds carry small dogs beagle wearing size medium size dog retriever carrying large dogs and the size of Saint Bernards carry very large. If all else fails, keep the sweater to your dog to check for size.

Choose a sweater, it would be easy to care for, and that can get dirty.

Choose any color or pattern you like. We sell sweaters that match the coat of the dog.

Try the sweater on your dog to make sure it fits your dog comfortable and easy to get on and off.

Have your dog wear a sweater every time she goes in cold weather.