Wholesale Dog Beds

Select style dog bed that will match your home and provide your dog with maximum comfort.

Consider the size, health and needs of your dog.

Know that special orthopedic beds are available for old, arthritic and ill dogs.

Think about the type of bed your dog would be most comfortable beds inches for dogs come in many styles. There are pillows, mats, carpets and cuddlers. Pillows are just big cushions. Mats are thinner than pillows and carpets are thinner still. A Cuddler is like a pillow with sides, so your dog can curl up and be supported on three sides. There are also expensive dog sofas, which are like small human sofas made ​​especially for dogs.

Ask your salesperson what the bed is filled. Most are filled with foam, but some are filled with cedar, which repels fleas. Be sure that a cedar bed is refillable.

Check to see if the bed cover is removable and washable. It will get dirty.

Look at the area you want to keep the bed in, and try to match the color of the bed in the room. If you buy a bed for a dog crate or dog house, color may not be such a big concern. A simple crate mat will work best in this case.

Consider the price ranges available for cheap. A simple fleece rug can be found at wholesale price for $ 10. Pillows and cuddlers range between $ 20 and $ 150.

Choose cheap dog beds that are the right size for your dog. The dog must be able to lie flat, completely stretched out on his side, without hanging off the bed.

Realize that you can purchase heated beds (excellent for older or arthritic dogs) or beds that are made to be cooler in hot weather.