Why Dogs Lick and When to Worry

There is no reason to worry if your dog licks it occasionally. It is normal for it to clean every day. However, if this happens in excess, it can mean that there is a problem.

Why Dogs Lick and When to Worry 1

Allergies in dogs

One of the most common problems associated with this type of behavior are allergies. If your dog licks too much between the fingers, or thighs, or if he gives small bites, it may be a case of allergy.

Allergies the most common ones are dust, pollen, bites from fleas or certain foods. In addition to the itching, you can see irritation of the skin, loss of hair, sores, wounds, or injuries. In these cases, you should go to the vet, because without a review of the animal it is not possible to determine the cause.

Once you have obtained the diagnosis, you can begin to treat the symptoms and seek a solution to the that gives you allergies. For example, if it is a problem with a particular food, you should vary the diet and avoid the ingredients that cause cause itching.

Why Dogs Lick and When to Worry 2

My dog licks the walls

If your dog licks the walls or floor, he may have** nausea or stomach pain**. In such cases, some dogs also snore excessively.

You need to worry about if it is something that is excessive or that repeat for at least 24 hours. Usually this will also be associated with diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite. It is normal that your dog licks the floor occasionally.

If your dog display any of the symptoms described above, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible due to vomiting or diarrhoea continued can cause dehydration. This is especially severe in the case of the dogs, as they dehydrate much faster.

What should I do if my dog licks too much?

The veterinarian will give the appropriate instructions after examining your dog. If he has a skin problem, in addition to eliminating the that is giving out allergy the vet will probably recommend a shampoo to help relieve itching.

In some cases, the veterinarian may request some tests, such as blood tests or abrasions of the skin to determine the specific cause of the allergy. If your dog has a stomach problem, other tests will be made, such as stool examinations or X-rays.

Why Dogs Lick and When to Worry 3

Behavioral problem

Another thing that can lead the dogs to lick in excess is not related to your health, as to his behavior. Separation, anxiety, stress due to noise or changes in their environment, or just a behavior obsessive, you can make it if lick it continuously, which may lead to injury or loss of by the.

In these cases, once any health problems have been dismissed, you should contact a etólogo behaviorist, a specialist in veterinary behavior canine. In addition to treating the injury, it treats the causes to prevent this from happening. It can be a problem of boredom, which is resolved with more exercise, toys, etc. In extreme cases, the veterinarian may consider necessary to treat the anxiety with medication or some natural product.