Your Dog Does Not Deserve a Dog World

When a puppy enters our lives, we make plans and some promises. Treat him well, educate him, keep his health up to date and of course play and walk with dog. This is the time more than expected by many owners, who are anxiously awaiting the third vaccine, the passport for the furry to put the “paws on the street” and become his leisure time companion. But in many and many cases, the novelty soon loses its grace and the excuses begin: Ah, it’s cold … Raining … I worked a lot, I’m tired, it’s late to leave … He’s so small, he does not need exercise … The dog pulls a lot … The backyard is great, he has how to have fun. So, day after day, the life of the beast becomes a boredom. But dogs are persistent, and always find a way to get attention. With no right to the street, they pick up their favorite toys and try to interact with the owner who, after a day of strenuous work, is more concerned with checking e-mails or checking what’s on the television, and does not give him the slightest ball . With less interaction, spending hours, hours and hoo-hooters alone, the beast will look for a way to expend energy. Goodbye sofas, rugs, furniture. The owner, angry, who was no longer very eager to walk or play, finds the perfect alibi to put the punishment pet. This is the true “dog world”!

Dogs that are “trapped” at home may present behavioral disorders, living in depression, being hyperactive, destructive, or becoming aggressive with strangers. A good owner gives not only house and food: he includes the animal in his life. Having an animal is an option, not an obligation. Puppies are sociable beings, and like us, need fun. Walking with a dog is as important as the “basic kit” – food, health, hygiene and warm bed. Dogs need sensory stimuli to keep themselves psychologically stable, exercise their hearing and smell, and of course the physical. Walking improves cardiopulmonary function, prevents joint problems and increases the life expectancy of the animal. And we are not talking about quick turns in the block: the ideal is that the ride lasts at least half an hour, twice a day. At first it may seem pulled, but soon you will find out how many good things happen on these paths. You know other people (and other dogs, of course, contributing to the socialization of the furry), can train obedience commands – which further tighten the bonds between you – and (re) discover places and landscapes that would surely go unnoticed on the run daily. Like jokes, a good walk is critical to the mental health of your furry – and to you as well. Then, turn off the computer, call your friend and go to the street!