Your Dog Does Not Yet Know the Bomber Ball? Mouss Informs You!

Find a Toy That Your Dog Will Love: Bomber Ball!

You are looking for a new ball for dog ? You have enough that your dog hurt his balls? You are looking for a practical and fun dog toy? In this case, why not indulge in the Bomber Ball ? It is a great game if you want to play ball with your pet. But let me tell you more!

The Discovery of the Bomber Ball Dog Toy

Recently, my Mistress gave me a wonderful surprise: a Bomber Ball toy for me. Since then, I continues to have fun with… and to make jealous all the neighborhood dogs.

But what does a Bomber Ball? Simply a balloon designed specifically for dogs, that has all the advantages of the soccer ball… but without its drawbacks!

With its handles, the Bomber Ball greatly facilitates the game between a dog and a human… and avoid that your dog does to your soccer balls!

Why Choose Bomber Ball Rather Than a Classic Ball?

Do you know that it is not recommended to leave a dog playing with balls for humans? Therefore, we must know that the tennis ball is part of the dangerous to a dog toys.

Therefore, buy a ball for dog specially designed for the doggies will be the assurance of a safe and suitable toy.

Bomber Ball is a ball designed to stimulate the game between a master and his dog. Its original form makes it possible to play without limits:

  • Bomber Ball has two opposing handles, which allow the dog and/or the master to catch it easily.
  • With its round and bouncy shape, we can shoot in Bomber Ball as in any ball.
  • Bomber Ball floats in water, and can make an excellent game for dog in the sea or pool.

In conclusion, you have a ball that allows to be launched or even from the foot. What identify the Bomber Ball off and force your dog to spend to catch up!

Usual Precautions with the Rubber Dog Toys

If the Bomber Ball is usually presented as one games for perfectly resistant dog, remember that it is not indestructible.

Like all toys made of rubber, this game can be torn apart by the dogs most players. In the comments of this article, one of our readers, Alexandra, explains how her puppy has torn a Bomber Ball and swallowed a piece… which is far from being safe for the health of the dog!

So I want to remind you to always supervise your dog when he plays with a rubber game, and to think about store toys when you are not there!

Important: If your dog tends to tear his toys, worth permanently remembering rubber toys!

The Price of a Bomber Ball Toy

Remains to focus on a detail that is still important: the price. The cost of a Bomber Ball dog toy will depend on its size.

There are two sizes of toy Bomber Ball:

  • Bomber Ball size S: a balloon to 11cm in diameter for small to medium dogs. It costs about € 20.
  • The Bomber Ball size L: a ball of 18cm in diameter for large dogs. It cost about € 27.

The price of a Bomber Ball is thus quite similar to that of the other balls for this quality dog.

If like Alexandra, you have already tried the Bomber Ball, feel free to share your opinion in the comments of this article. You had a good experience or bad, this can help the readers of Mouss the dog!

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