A Toy That Pleases All the Doggies: the Toy Floating!

Discover the Perfect Dog Toy in the Water!

I don’t know your dog, but personally, I love swimming! As say you I’m a Labrador thrilled when my Mistress takes me near a lake. And it’s even better when she brings a floating dog toy. This type of dog toys is ideal to encourage your dog to get exercise and exercise. But let me present you more in detail the dog toys that float!

What Does a Dog Toy Floating?

The Principle of the Game For Floating Dog

I think that you may have already guessed, a floating dog game is a toy, often rubber, which will fill with water and then float above the water. So perfectly you can throw it in a lake or a pool, and this dog toy will rise automatically to the surface.

The interest? Your dog will not lose his toy from view, and therefore pick him, as when he plays ball! Personally, I could spend hours playing with a floating dog toy… and my Mistress is often tired long before me!

The Different Types of Floating Dog Toys

Just like any dog rubber toy, floating toys come in a multitude of forms.

We can therefore also well find floating balls for dog, the floating rings or even toys for dogs of different forms (boomerang, lobster, sausage, os, etc.) as those visible right here.

The key is to opt for a toy floating dog adapted to the size of your dog, and it is unlikely to swallow!

The Interest of the Floating Dog Toys

I am not the one who will tell you otherwise, we’ll find many interests in the purchase of a floating dog toy. Here are some arguments in favor of these toys:

(1) They Lead to Chew

Like all puppy rubber toys, this type of toy will encourage your pet to chew, without provided him damaging the teeth and the jaw.

It is important that a dog uses his jaw, especially when he’s still a puppy. For a young dog rubber toys will encourage the play and discovery. So it’s all good!

(2) They Help Your Pet to Spend

The major interest of the floating dog toys is thatthey allow you to play ball in the water. Result: your dog spends more than if he was running in a park, and fun to dive and reach the shore.

In the end, your dog can fully enjoy his walk and his games in the water, and home totally calm… Even if he needed a towel to dry!

Used in a swimming pool, floating dog toys will have no trouble fun as children dog or master. And don’t lie: I know that humans love to play just like us!

(3) They Are Safe

Games floating dog designed in Europe are rubber, a solid material and without danger, even if it is ingested.

As a result, you can trust your toys floating dog your dog without fear for his health.

Attention: the dog rubber toys are not eternal. If the one you bought is damaged, replace it at the first sign of wear!

How to play with a dog toy that floats?

To play with this type of dog games, simply throw the toy in water and wait for your dog to go get him. Of course, there is that your dog is already used to play ball.

Before you throw your floating dog toy, the ideal is to show your pet so that it is of interest. You can quite swim with your dog, or even launch the floating dog from the shore toy.

It is best to use a toy floating dog on a calm surface. At sea, the current risk to prevail, and your dog could not find him…

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