Alice, Texas

by | April 2, 2023

According to andyeducation, Alice, Texas is located in Jim Wells County in the southern part of the state and is part of the Corpus Christi-Kingsville-Alice Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city covers a total area of 7.9 square miles and has a population of 19,104 people as of 2020.

Alice is situated on the banks of Alice Creek, which runs through the city from north to south. The city is surrounded by small towns such as Freer and Orange Grove to the west and northwest, respectively, and Ben Bolt to the east. Alice also lies near Lake Corpus Christi State Park and Choke Canyon Reservoir to the south, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Alice’s climate is classified as humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures can range from an average low of 28 degrees Fahrenheit in January to an average high of 95 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Snowfall is rare but does occasionally occur during winter months.

The terrain surrounding Alice consists mostly flat lands with some rolling hills throughout Jim Wells County. The soil type in this region is mostly sandy loam which makes it ideal for growing crops such as corn, cotton, sorghum, wheat, oats, peanuts, hay and other grasses that are used for grazing livestock or producing hay bales for sale. There are also several oil fields located nearby that provide jobs for many local residents.

Overall, Alice has a unique geography that provides its citizens with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation while also supporting a thriving agricultural industry that contributes to its economy.

Alice, Texas

History of Alice, Texas

Alice, Texas was founded in 1888 when the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway Company purchased a tract of land to build a railroad station. The town was named after Alice Gertrudis King, the daughter of the railroad’s president.

Alice quickly grew and by 1910 had become an important commercial center for the surrounding area. In 1911, an oil field was discovered near Alice which brought even more economic growth to the city and attracted many new residents.

The Great Depression hit Alice hard with many businesses closing their doors and unemployment soaring. However, during World War II, Alice began to experience a resurgence as defense contractors set up operations in town to support military efforts abroad.

In 1961, Alice became home to one of the first community colleges in Texas – Coastal Bend College (now known as Del Mar College). This college has since grown into one of the leading institutions of higher education in South Texas and continues to play an important role in educating local students and providing them with job training opportunities.

Alice has also experienced rapid population growth over recent years due to its proximity to Corpus Christi, which is home to several major employers such as Valero Energy Corporation, Whataburger, H-E-B Grocery Company and Driscoll Children’s Hospital. The city is also home to two hospitals – CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice and Valley Regional Medical Center – that provide healthcare services for area residents.

Today, Alice is a thriving community that embraces its rich history while also looking forward towards a bright future for its citizens. Its strong economy provides plenty of job opportunities for local residents while its thriving arts scene ensures there are plenty of things for people to do in their free time!

Economy of Alice, Texas

Alice, Texas is an economically vibrant city thanks to its diverse range of industries. The city’s economy is largely driven by oil and gas production, with several major oil and gas companies having operations in the area. These companies provide jobs for many local residents and also generate significant tax revenue for the city.

Agriculture has also long been an important part of Alice’s economy. Local farmers grow a variety of crops such as cotton, corn, sorghum, and wheat while also raising cattle and hogs. In addition to providing jobs for local residents, Alice’s agricultural industry contributes to its economy by providing fresh food products to area markets and restaurants.

Alice is also home to a thriving retail sector that provides employment opportunities for many local residents. Several major retailers have locations in Alice including Walmart Supercenter, Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, and Whataburger. In addition to these big-name stores, Alice has a variety of small businesses that offer unique products and services to the community.

The city is home to several educational institutions including Coastal Bend College (now known as Del Mar College) which plays an important role in educating local students and providing job training opportunities for area residents. The college also serves as an incubator for new businesses which helps stimulate economic growth in Alice.

The healthcare industry is another important part of Alice’s economy with two hospitals – CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice and Valley Regional Medical Center – providing healthcare services for area residents. Healthcare professionals from these hospitals provide valuable jobs in the community while also helping keep costs down by improving access to quality care services for local residents.

Overall, Alice’s economy is thriving thanks to its diverse mix of industries that provide employment opportunities for local workers while contributing significantly towards the city’s tax base.

Politics in Alice, Texas

Alice, Texas is a small city located in Jim Wells County that is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. The city has a population of approximately 19,000 people and is governed by a mayor-council form of government. The Mayor of Alice is Christopher K. Stone and the current city council consists of five members who are elected to two-year terms.

The City Council meets regularly to discuss local issues and determine policy decisions that affect the day-to-day lives of Alice’s citizens. The City Council also serves as the legislative branch for the City of Alice, with the power to approve ordinances, resolutions, and other measures that become law when approved by the Mayor.

Alice has an open primary system where all registered voters can vote in any party’s primary election regardless of their party affiliation. This allows for more political competition and ensures that all voices are heard in local elections.

Alice is politically divided between Republicans and Democrats with both parties having a presence in the city’s government. In recent years, Republicans have had more success at the polls due to their strong support from rural voters who are more likely to vote Republican than urban voters who tend to be more liberal or independent-minded. This divide has been reflected in recent elections where Republicans have won most local races while Democrats have been successful on a statewide level as well as at the national level in presidential elections.

Overall, Alice is a politically diverse community that values its independence from larger cities while maintaining its own unique culture and identity. While there are some political divisions between Republicans and Democrats, both sides work together on many issues for the betterment of Alice’s citizens which makes it an ideal place to live for those seeking an escape from larger cities but still want access to quality services and amenities provided by larger cities such as Dallas or Houston.