BAAK Dogwalker – Specific Shoe For Dog Owners

The company BAAK sells a shoe series which should be specially suitable for dog owners under the name DogWalker. But what distinguishes a BAAK DogWalker shoe from a traditional trekking?

A reply is Andrea Grusa, who works with her husband in the family-owned company BAAK, in an interview on the Best-Practice Business Blog:

In our research for good Footwear we found that many dog owners mostly buy trekking shoes. Here are however relatively high prices for the German market and the shoes often not optimally are in their nature suitable for dog walks, E.g. not holding resistant sole material, not waterproof or not non-slip.

Models cost between 90 and 150 euro the BAAK DogWalker. Price certainly interesting, but for just a few euros more get also from known manufacturers of good hiking or trekking shoes, which both are waterproof and have a rubber sole (Vibram E.g.) for rough terrain. It is not known whether the soles here are also “holding-resistant” (what that will mean).

My opinion is here trying to get a simple boot using a rather questionable all setting characteristic at a certain target group. As a dog owner my beloved trekking boots come with me anyway, still used… even if they should be resistant to not waste.

The DogWalker shoes by the way great outdoor would fit clothing a certain brand with the paw.