Best Travel Time and Climate for Montserrat

by | October 18, 2021

Montserrat is a small island in the Caribbean that belongs to the Lesser Antilles. Not only is it beautiful, but also very contrasting. While the name comes from French, it belongs to the United Kingdom.

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean, it is part of the Lesser Antilles. The only 102 m² small island is British overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

The island, which is essentially of volcanic origin, is located southwest of Antigua. The Soufrière Hills stratovolcano is the largest volcano on the island and is still active. Large parts of the island were destroyed in 1995 and are therefore still a restricted area today. Due to the tropical climate, the average annual temperatures are around 27 ° C. The influence of the trade winds always ensures a pleasant wind. There are no dry or rainy seasons on Montserrat . From July to November, however, it is a little more humid than the rest of the year.

As on many isolated islands, Montserrat has some extraordinary and rare species of flora and fauna. In addition to the endangered Montserrat orchid, the island is home to the Giant Ditch Frog (popularly known as the mountain chicken) and many different species of birds.

Best travel time

It is pleasantly warm on Montserrat all year round. Because compared to other parts of the Caribbean there are fewer tourists visiting Montserrat, there is no real tourist high season. In winter, the number of visitors skyrockets because many people own the villas and houses on the island and Montserratians who live abroad come to visit. Accommodation prices are constant all year round, while flights and rental prices rise in winter. The best travel time is therefore from January to June, when the flights are cheap and the climate is dry.

Climate in Brades

The climate is basically tropical and warm. In the rainy season there can be frequent delays, as can of course heavy rains. The rain rarely lasts long. The rain showers also have the pleasant side effect that the temperatures drop a little and it is no longer so oppressively hot.

Food and drink

The national dish on Montserrat is goat water, a stew made from goat meat served with a crispy bread roll. What may seem daunting to one or the other at first is really very tasty. Basically, dishes with chicken and fish can largely be found on the Antilles island. Ginger beer and juices made from exotic fruits are also particularly tasty. There is no special dress code in restaurants, so you can go out to eat comfortably dressed.


Although Montserrat is part of the British overseas territory, the British pound is not the official currency. This is the East Caribbean dollar , but US dollars are also accepted in many places. We still recommend that you always pay in East Caribbean dollars. Credit cards are not common outside of the larger hotels. If you take plastic bags with you when shopping, many Montserrat businesses charge an additional 5% fee to avoid rubbish. Both of Montserrat’s major banks are located in Brades, and both have ATMs where you can withdraw money.


According to Sunglasseswill, the official language on Montserrat is English. However, most of the residents speak with a strong Creole dialect. All in all, the accent is slightly reminiscent of the Irish language. You can get along very well anywhere with a normal command of English.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Montserrat