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Kusadasi, Bodrum and Ephesus, Turkey

Western Turkey is adorned with the resort town of Kusadasi, the symbol of which is Pigeon Island. In addition to the Byzantine fortress, nothing here will remind you of the military past of the city. A special place for tourists and locals in Kusadasi is a huge mosque built in the 17th century. Ephesus is… Read more »

Helpful Hints for Tourism in Oman

A lot of things in the country are subject to customs and traditional Islamic norms, so certain rules of conduct should be observed. In public places, women should avoid overly revealing or tight clothing and miniskirts, while men should avoid shorts or sleeveless T-shirts. The wearing of local clothes by Europeans is also frowned upon,… Read more »

What to See in Nizwa and Salalah (Oman)

Nizwa (Oman) According to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS, Nizwa is the administrative center of the El-Dahiliya region. The city is located on the El Jaif plateau, 175 km southwest of Muscat. In the 6th-7th centuries, Nizwa was the capital of the state and its main cultural center. To this day, attractions such as the ancient fort and mosques… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Literature

In the last two decades, the literary production of the Saudi Arabia has overcome a penalizing geographical and cultural isolation, and Saudi authors have become much more visible even in those Arab and international literary circuits on the margins of which they remained until a few years ago. The dawn of the 21st century. coincided… Read more »

Lebanon Economy

Republic (10,400 km 2 with 2,126,325 residents in 1970) unitary presidential type. Due to its geographical position, and the influx of numerous Palestinian refugees – who have come to close to 200,000 units -, Lebanon has been severely affected by the events of recent years, which have resulted in the outbreak of a bloody civil… Read more »

Qatar History and Culture

Qatar is a State of Southwest Asia (11,525 km²). Capital: Doha. Population: 1,448,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Arabic. Religion: Muslims 77.5%, Christians 8.5%, others 14%. Currency unit: Qatari riyal (100 dirhams). Human Development Index: 0.899 (34th place). Borders: Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (S) and Persian Gulf (N, E and W). Member of: GCC, Arab… Read more »

Cost of Living in Egypt

You need around € 1,377.72 (£ 26,614.78 EG) in Cairo to maintain the same standard of living as € 3,700.00 in Berlin (assuming you rent in these cities). Consumer prices (excluding rent) are 55.94% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Consumer prices including rent are 62.76% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Rent prices in… Read more »