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Largest Cities in the World

Cities of outstanding global importance are designated as cosmopolitan cities. A cosmopolitan city is of central importance in a political, economic or cultural area. In contrast to the sometimes synonymously related term metropolis, which can also be used in relation to a specific region or function, the global city system uses the earth’s entire urban… Read more »

Largest Cities in Antigua and Barbuda

Facts about Antigua and Barbuda Official languages: English Capital: Saint John’s Area: 443 km² Population: 86,754 residents Population density: 195.83 residents per km² Currency: XCD Internet TLD: .ag ISO codes: AG, ATG, 28 The telephone code for Antigua and Barbuda is + 1-268 Flag of Antigua and Barbuda The flag of Antigua and Barbuda was… Read more »

Largest Cities in Aruba

Facts about Aruba Official languages: Dutch, Spanish, English Capital: Oranjestad Area: 193 km² Population: 71,566 residents Population density: 370.81 residents per km² Currency: AWG Internet TLD: .aw ISO codes: AW, ABW, 533 Die The prefix for Aruba is +297 According to Abbreviation Finder, Aruba is one of the three ABC islands that are part of the… Read more »

Largest Cities in Bahamas

Facts about Bahamas Official languages: English Capital: Nassau Area: 13,940 km² Population: 301,790 residents Population density: 21.65 residents per km² Currency: BSD Internet TLD: .bs ISO codes: BS, BHS, 44 The telephone code for Bahamas is + 1-242 Flag of Bahamas The Bahamas are located southeast of Florida and have a population of just over… Read more »

Largest Cities in Barbados

Facts about Barbados Official languages: English Capital: Bridgetown Area: 431 km² Population: 285,653 residents Population density: 662.77 residents per km² Currency: BBD Internet TLD: .bb ISO codes: BB, BRB, 52 The telephone code for Barbados is + 1-246 Flag of Barbados Barbados was settled in the 17th century by the British, who established sugar plantations… Read more »

Largest Cities in Belize

Facts about Belize Official languages: English, Spanish Capital: Belmopan Area: 22,966 km² Population: 314,522 residents Population density: 13.70 residents per km² Currency: BZD Internet TLD: .bz ISO codes: BZ, BLZ, 84 The telephone code for Belize is +501 Flag of Belize The flag of Belize was adopted in 1981 when the country achieved independence from… Read more »

Largest Cities in Bermuda

Facts about Bermuda Official languages: English, Portuguese Capital: Hamilton Area: 53 km² Population: 65,365 residents Population density: 1,233.30 residents per km² Currency: BMD Internet TLD: .bm ISO codes: BM, BMU, 60 The telephone code for Bermuda is + 1-441 According to Abbreviation Finder, Bermuda is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that is part… Read more »

Largest Cities in Bolivia

Facts about Bolivia Official languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara Capital: Sucre Area: 1,098,580 km² Population: 9.9 million residents Population density: 9.05 residents per km² Currency: BOB Internet TLD: .bo ISO codes: BO , BOL, 68 The calling code for Bolivia is +591 Flag of Bolivia The flag of Bolivia, whose official name is the Multinational State… Read more »

Largest Cities in British Virgin Islands

Facts about British Virgin Islands Official languages: English Capital: Road Town Area: 153 km² Population: 21,730 residents Population density: 142.03 residents per km² Currency: USD Internet TLD: .vg ISO codes: VG, VGB, 92 The telephone code for British Virgin Islands is + 1-284 According to countryaah, the British Virgin Islands are a group of islands… Read more »

Largest Cities in Canada

Facts about Canada Official languages: English, French, Inuktitut Capital: Ottawa Area: 9,984,670 km² Population: 33.7 million residents Population density: 3.37 residents per km² Currency: CAD Internet TLD: .ca ISO codes: CA , CAN, 124 The country code for Canada is +1 Flag of Canada The current flag of Canada first flew in 1965. Its author… Read more »

Largest Cities in Cayman Islands

Facts about Cayman Islands official languages: English Capital: George Town Area: 262 km² Population: 44,270 residents Population density: 168.97 residents per km² Currency: KYD Internet TLD: .ky ISO codes: KY, CYM, 136 The telephone area code for Cayman Islands is + 1-345 The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean and an… Read more »

Largest Cities in Costa Rica

Facts about Costa Rica Official languages: Spanish, English Capital: San José Area: 51,100 km² Population: 4.5 million residents Population density: 88.38 people per km² Currency: CRC Internet TLD: .cr ISO codes: CR, CRI, 188 The telephone code for Costa Rica is +506 Flag of Costa Rica The flag of Costa Rica is composed of five… Read more »

Largest Cities in Cuba

Facts about Cuba Official languages: Spanish Capital: Havana Area: 110,860 km² Population: 11.4 million residents Population density: 103.04 residents per km² Currency: CUP Internet TLD: .cu ISO codes: CU, CUB, 192 The telephone code from Cuba is +53 Flag of Cuba The Cuban flag is composed of five horizontal stripes, two of which are white… Read more »

Largest Cities in Dominica

Facts about Dominica Official languages: English Capital: Roseau Area: 754 km² Population: 72,813 residents Population density: 96.57 residents per km² Currency: XCD Internet TLD: .dm ISO codes: DM, DMA, 212 The telephone code for Dominica is + 1-767 Flag of Dominica The base of the flag of the Caribbean island nation of Dominica, which was… Read more »

Largest Cities in Dominican Republic

Facts about Dominican Republic Official languages: Spanish Capital: Santo Domingo Area: 48,730 km² Population: 9.8 million residents Population density: 201.60 residents per km² Currency: DOP Internet TLD: .do ISO codes: DO, DOM, 214 The dialing code for Dominican Republic is + 1-809 Flag of the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola… Read more »

Largest Cities in Ecuador

Facts about Ecuador Official languages: Spanish Capital: Quito Area: 283,560 km² Population: 14.8 million residents Population density: 52.16 residents per km² Currency: USD Internet TLD: .ec ISO codes: EC, ECU, 218 The telephone code from Ecuador is +593 Flag of Ecuador The flag of Ecuador, which was adopted in 1960, consists of three horizontal stripes… Read more »

Largest Cities in El Salvador

Facts about El Salvador Official languages: Spanish Capital: San Salvador Area: 21,040 km² Population: 6.1 million residents Population density: 287.65 residents per km² Currency: USD Internet TLD: .sv ISO codes: SV, SLV, 222 The telephone code for El Salvador is +503 El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, is located… Read more »

Largest Cities in Greenland

Facts about Greenland Official languages: Greenlandic, Danish, English Capital: Nuuk (Godthåb) Area: 2,166,086 km² Population: 56,375 residents Population density: 0.03 residents per km² Currency: DKK Internet TLD: .gl ISO codes: GL, GRL, 304 The telephone code for Greenland is +299 According to Abbreviation Finder, Greenland is the largest island on earth and more than 6 times… Read more »

Largest Cities in Grenada

Facts about Grenada Official languages: English Capital: Saint George’s Area: 344 km² Population: 107,818 residents Population density: 313.42 residents per km² Currency: XCD Internet TLD: .gd ISO codes: GD, GRD, 308 The telephone code for Grenada is + 1-473 Flag of Grenada Adopted after independence in 1974, the flag of Grenada is considered one of… Read more »

Largest Cities in Guadeloupe

Facts about Guadeloupe Official languages: French Capital: Basse-Terre Area: 1,780 km² Population: 443,000 residents Population density: 248.88 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .gp ISO codes: GP, GLP, 312 Die The prefix for Guadeloupe is +590 Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe Creole: Gwadloup ), also called Gwada by the locals, is geographically an archipelago, politically a French… Read more »