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Play-N-Squeak Wholesale Pet Supplies (USD 2.44 – USD 14.42)

Play-N-Squeak   Logo:     Brand facts: – Play-N-Squeak is dedicated to promoting pet health, well-being and owner & pet interaction by providing funny pet toys. – All Play-N-Squeak toys feature an electronic sound module that produces an amazingly realistic mouse “squeak” that cats love!   Main Categories: Floor toys, mouse toys, character toys, hanging… Read more »

Old Mother Hubbard Pet Supplies at Tewksbury, MA

Old Mother Hubbard   Brand facts: – For more than 80 years, Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company has offered a wide variety of dog snacks made with all-natural ingredients. – Wholesome, natural, crunchy biscuits & soft treats for dogs can be easily found in Old Mother Hubbard. Main Categories: Products for dogs

Nupro Dog Supplies (USD 7.64 – USD 119.99)

Nupro   Logo:       Brand facts: – Since 1989, NUPRO Supplements have been committed to helping your pets live healthier, happier, and longer lives! – NUPRO Supplements are scientifically balanced formulas rich in essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Omega Fatty Acids.   Main Categories: Dog formulas, cat formula, ferret formula

Ark Naturals Pet Supplies (USD 9.39 – USD 22.72)

Ark Naturals Brand facts: -Ark Naturals is the Manufacturer of all natural health and wellness products for dogs and cats. We offer pet owners healthy products that will enhance the lives of their pets. – Since 1996, Ark Naturals offers the highest quality natural health, remedy and lifestyle products for pets. All Ark Naturals producs… Read more »

Nordic Naturals Pet Supplies (USD12.70 – USD44.95)

Nordic Naturals Brand Facts:  At Nordic Naturals they believe that omega oils are essential to life. By correcting the global omega-3 deficiency, Nordic Naturals give each generation what they need to grow healthy and strong. Through science and innovation, Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils.

Contech Pet Supplies (USD 4.99 – USD 51.79)

Contech Logo:  Brand facts:  Over the years, we have grown our selection – through acquisitions and mergers with like-minded organizations – to add a range of products for Christmas, forestry, agriculture and pest management markets.

Canidae Dog Supplies (USD3.39 – USD 74.99)

Canidae  Brand facts:  – Canidae people are all pet lovers, which drives them to make efforts to create foods and treats that are nutritious and delicious. – Canidae never compromise on quality—using only carefully selected ingredients blended together in precise recipes that nourish pets’ body.

Neater Feeder Pet Supplies (USD 4.99 – USD 59.99)

Neater Feeder Logo:  Brand facts:  – The mission of Neater Pet Brands is to provide customers with innovative products that enhance the joys of pet ownership by making pet care easier and making pets’ lives better. – The company is committed to partnering with and supporting groups and organizations that benefit pets.

Fussie Cat Pet Supplies (USD 20.99 – USD 25.99)

Fussie Cat Logo:    Brand facts:  – Each canned of Fussie Cat consists of the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. Putting your cat’s health at our highest priority. – All of Fussie’s dishes are carefully selected and cooked with the freshest and finest ingredients, simple and with style. A well balanced formula rich in nutrition to maintain healthy.

Neko Flies Pet Supplies (USD8.54 – USD 10.44)

Neko Flies   Brand facts:  – Neko flies is a fishing pole style toy – you “bait” the end with one of the 5 different cat-approved critters and entice your kitty with the bait. – Nekochan mission: to manufacture and distribute high quality and innovative solutions to the pet product market for the benefit and enjoyment of… Read more »

Nootie Dog and Cat Supplies (USD 3.99 – USD 11.99)

Nootie   Brand facts:  – Nootie developed a line of shampoo and spritz that offer long lasting, delicious scents as well as numerous benefits for your dog’s coat and skin. – They now offer a multitude of mouth-watering, healthy grain free dog treats from puppy training size to big dog rewards.

Greenies Cat Supplies (USD 1.99 – USD 26.99)

Greenies Brand facts:  – Pet health company rooted in a love of pets. Best known for their dental chews, which were created originally to improve Ivan’s doggy breath. – At The Greenies Company, they strive to create strong, caring bonds between people and their pets. They do this by committing to understanding pet needs and then… Read more »

Maelson Dog Supplies (USD 52 – USD 188)

Maelson Brand facts:  – Maelson specializes in functional and stylish premium accessories for dogs and cats – Maelson’s focus is to provide customers with smart dog & cat solutions, to make all customers time with their companions happier.

Redbarn Dog and Cat Supplies

Redbarn   Brand facts:  – The aim of Redbarn is to create and manufacture unique and innovative treats that enhance the bond between you and your pet. Main Categories:  Dog products, cat products   Founding:  Time and place: 1970s, U.S. Early products: dog food, cat food Founder: Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam   Headquarter Location:  Long Beach, CA   Price Range:  USD 1.69 – USD 102.99   Official Website:  

Nutrish Dog Supplies (USD 4.95 – USD 45.99)

Nutrish   Brand facts:  – Rachael Ray Nutrish super premium food and treats for dogs are made with simple, natural ingredients. – Nutrish foods contain no by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives. Proceeds help animals in need.

Dave’s Pet Food (USD 8.99 – USD 53.99)

Dave’s Pet Food   Logo:    Brand facts:  Dave’s Pet Food loves their customers and wants them to be happy, so Dave’s Pet Food people have been making effort to provide affordable and great pet food.   Main Categories:  Products for dogs and cats   Founding:  Time and place: 1977, U.S. Early products: food for dogs and cats Founder: Dave Ratner   Headquarter Location:  U.S.   New Arrivals:    Price Range:  USD 8.99 – USD 53.99   Worldwide Locations: Worldwide   Official Website:… Read more »